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Jun 8, 2006
I have now received all three applications I need. Now I just need to fill them all out:)

Senator Durbin sent an application right away when I mailed his office in March. Senator Obama didn't send one until this week. My representative's office has told me a few times that he doesn't start his application process until August.

I wish they would all have a standard schedule, or at least similar schedules;)

Also, I was reading through Senator Obama's stuff. I'll have to drive 3 hours for a 20-minute interview:mad: With gas prices this high, that's nuts

Just rambling...
hops_scout said:
I wish they would all have a standard schedule, or at least similar schedules;)

Dude, they're politicians. What did you expect, efficiency?

Also, I was reading through Senator Obama's stuff. I'll have to drive 3 hours for a 20-minute interview:mad: With gas prices this high, that's nuts

I rest my case.

Of course, he's one of the ones complaining about gas prices and people who drive too much. Go figure. :rolleyes:
Zaphod said:
Dude, they're politicians. What did you expect, efficiency?

Actually, Senator Cornyn here was amazingly efficient. Office always replied promptly with good answers. Got all the paperwork online from his site. Confirmation came back within 2 weeks. Nomination received the day after Thanksgiving. He was awesome, also had a celebration party here in houston for all his appointees.

Then again, Senator Hutchison was very scarce in keeping up with candidates.
Sorry, I have files open at all three- Navy, Army, and Air Force. But I think both Senators require me to choose one so I will choose West Point.
I'll second what hornetguy said, as I live in Dallas. Senator Cornyn was really great, Hutchison alright, and my Congressman Sessions, although he doesn't have the application online, is very good. I had a Congressional and Presidential nom for 2010.
Does Durbin only look at the "Top" candidates? Last year, I had interviews with my Rep. and Obama, but Durbin sent a reply about 2 months later (past the deadline) saying no interview.

Who is your Rep? Mine is Manzullo.
hops_scout said:
But I think both Senators require me to choose one so I will choose West Point.


Another soul lost! :(


They limit you to only one? :confused:
So you cant use the same nomination to apply to 2 service accademies?
No, nominations are by service academy. You may get a choice between USAFA and USMA, even though you really wanted USNA, and you'll have to pick USAFA or USMA, one of the two.
I think it sucks they make you choose what you wish to apply to be nominated for. Our Rep has us rate them (if we want) 1,2,3,4.

My Representative is Representative Costello.
You can apply for all of them. However, when it comes down to it they can only give you one, and that's why you rank them.
TacticalNuke said:
You can apply for all of them.

Nope. The application states very clearly Choose Only One.

Edit... Oops...forgot to mention that the Senate applications state the above.
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Hops, if your Rep gives you that option, as you said in your earlier post, of rating them, 1,2,3,4 then go with your heart & pick the top one you want to attend first followed by the one's you feel sure you will be just as happy attending. It doesn't mean that you'll not get a nomination for your first choice. It just opens up the door to get nominations to other academies that you may use should an appointment not come to you for your first choice. Apply to more than just your Rep to cover yourself. When my kid did the nomination thing, he rated his first choice as USMMA & second choice as USNA. Coast Guard did not require one. He applied to all nomination sources & ended up with three to USMMA & two to USNA. One of the USNA ones was an NJROTC nomination from a 20 year guy. Cover your behind buddy & hang tough through it all.

Nope Aronson. You have to have a nomination to each academy you're applying to. Its not a generic thing.
It depends on your MOC. Most have a single application for all academies. In some areas, usually the competitive states and districts, they will ask you to choose -- or to rank -- your service academy preference. Because they want to spread the wealth among as many consituents as possible, they will generally only give each applicant a single nomination (i.e., to one academy). Thus, you should choose wisely.

Some people try to game the system and pick the academy they believe is least popular in their geographic area. Not a good idea.

Also, in some states, once you get a nom from one MOC, you are very unlikely to pick up a second (again, the spread the wealth idea). VA used to be like that, but I've had 2 candidates in 2 yrs pick up multiple noms, so it doesn't always hold true.
It depends where you live. I got a Senator's Nom to USNA, and a Congresswoman's to USNA, USMA, and USAFA (I didn't even express an interest in the Air Force Academy!!!!!) So it depends on the number of applicants, and your caliber.

Make sure you apply to all nomination sources and possibly secure one to one academy and another to another. You may change your mind and realize that your first choice isn't really your first choice. (I was somehow tricked into thinking Navy was some how a better choice, hahah, at least I saw the light and chose West Point).

Anyhow, remember nominations do not mean you are appointed, so keep this in mind. Appointments are ususally handed out in mid-April unless you get a LOA or an early appointment (in february usually). Or you could be on the late end and not receive an appointment till June 22 or so (well last year the word is that Navy called people AFTER I-day!!)

Also unless your sure the USMMA is your top choice I wouldn't recommend picking it as your first choice because you think its somehow less popular. I know individuals who did this who really wanted Navy, and ended up with ONLY a USMMA nomination when its possible they'd give you a Navy one. They are most likely to give your first choice, so don't try to game the system. In your interview make sure they do know you want a specific academy but also make it clear that you would be thrilled to attend any of them. They will tell you their thoughts from what I can see.

In one of my interview they asked if I wanted a USMMA nom as well and I declined at the time stating that I would likely not attend the school and that they should give into an individual who would use it. In another, I made it clear that I ranked the USNA and USMA evenly at that time (which I did) and that althought I was sure of Navy before I was considering Infantry more and more. (The Army guy loved this and made sure I got the nomination). And (maybe thinking I was very indecisive) threw in Air Force JUST in case I changed my mind. It was a fun experiance, I actually enjoyed two out of three interviews. We even talked politics, it was cool.
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is there a way to find out how many nominations each source has for this year?
Call their local office and ask for the person who handles service academy appointments.
Wisconsin Rep. Petri

Has anyone else on here gotten their application materials from Rep. Petri from Wisconsin? Apps were submitted and confirmed with the two Senators and the VP, but our Rep. Petri still hasn't even sent an application after 5 phone calls. Each time someone else answers and says apps will be mailed shortly. Anyone else getting their apps from him?