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    Just curious, will the MOC or the academy send a press release to the local newspapers? Or are we (appointee/parents) meant to alert the newspapers of the appointment? I am just not sure when/how this is done. When DS attended NASS, they emailed us a default press release to send on to local newspapers, but I have not seen anything like that thus far. Please chime in on what your experience has been. I don't want to do the wrong thing. We have known of the Principal Nom since November & the appointment since December, but MOC has not released anything as far as I can tell. I feel like time is short now. Thanks in advance - I really appreciate all the support from this forum! :smile:
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    Hi CHS,

    I don't believe any of the SAs send anything to local media regarding appointments.

    However some MOCs do; but it depends on the MOC. For example...

    • DS with Principal Nom from Senator - no press release
    • DD with Principal Nom from Congressman - local (only) press release

    If it's something that's important to your family, then I would say contact the MOC and see what their plan is/was regarding the matter.

    Hope this helps and congrats!
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    My sons' situation got picked up by a national wire service, and as a warning:

    it is not always the best thing that can happen to kids who in just a few weeks will be on the bus with cadre who find out they've been in a newspaper.

    For parents: be proud! Super-Proud. Take lots of your own pictures. But do remember that some cadre will also be on the look out for your kid, and maybe your basic doesn't want THAT kind of attention.
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    I am a little curious about this also. We have a small town newspaper that contacted us about doing a little blurb on our son. I am not concerned that it will cause him a problem since it is just a small twice monthly thing.

    But they kind of asked us for some information, and I'm not sure what to tell them. Does anyone know of any wording or what a press release might say or anything like that?

    Thanks for any help you might give.
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    My personal opinion...worth whatever you wish to value it...

    IF your MOC wants to do a press release, participate with them; get the photo op (think what that might be to have in 30+ years on the home "I love me" wall!) and go with it.

    IF your hometown wants to do this...same applies.

    IF you just want to go out and push this...rethink it.

    Personally...unless you push this upon cadets at USAFA...nobody will know or care except the family! I know a lot of folks at USAFA now and the only folks they have ever said they "looked for" were:

    a. siblings of their friends
    b. folks that got really arrogant online

    So...enjoy the moment!!!

    USAFA '83
    (I have the pictures, the press releases, etc...pages are a bit faded now...)
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    +1 Flieger.

    I have to say the arrogant ones comment made me immediately think of the kid that said he was giving to be the first to Mars, thus commonly referred to on this forum as Mars boy.
    ~~~ if I recall correctly on his FB page he was standing next to a 16 and had a caption that said my plane. I am not sure if that was pictured in the article too.

    Needless to say at BCT they were so very excited to see him on the bus. :eek::shake:

    I am not sure whatever happen to him, because by now he should be an O1.
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    I remember reading in an old thread that he left after the first semester.
  8. hornetguy

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    He very much failed out of 4 dig year. Also sent a crude sketch to the wing (think of him straddling the TZO while giving you the middle finger). Classy fellow.
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    Going off topic, but still on topic for a second.

    I do not know one military member that doesn't have at least an I love Me Wall, let alone a room.
    ~~ In our house we have 2 I Love me Rooms. One is all Bullet, his study. One is one wall him, and the other three walls the kids, the office. Twenty years of awards
    ~~~ Flight helmet, planes flown, Shadow boxes, bronze star, Distinquished grad, etc.
    ~~~~~~~ If his folks did the announcement in the paper it would have not made it into his room, nor the 1 wall.

    Honestly, they will serve at least 5 years AD, longer for some career fields. The amount of certificates/awards they will receive during those years will probably equate into many years from now looking at it in a scrapbook, yellowed and withered. IOWs it is never going to make it on the I Love Me Wall.

    I get the desire, and trust me, we had the local news announcement too, but don't ask me where it is at 6 years later. I am sure it is in a photo album somewhere, along with the 3 MOC congrat nomination letters.

    Just saying, in a few years that the article will mean less to you than the pictures that include your family. Enjoy the moment, and be proud, but be realistic the press release whether occurs or not will find itself in years to come replaced with more important papers.

    JMPO, now throw my opinion in the circular filing cabinet.
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