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Jul 11, 2016
Hi, I will be a high school senior this fall and I am still learning a lot about the AROTC program. I turn 17 at the end of July, so unfortunately, I have been unable to begin the AROTC scholarship application. I intend on pursuing my goal of becoming a military doctor in the Army. I am currently looking at Georgetown University, Colgate University, and New York University on the pre-med track (major in Global, International, or Public Health, depending on the school). I would be competing for the women's NCAA Division 1 swim team at any of these schools. I have a GPA of 3.95, ACT of 31- I have only taken this one time, without studying, so I anticipate a score of 33 or higher this fall, and I have taken nearly all of my high school courses in an honors, AP, or IB setting. I am definitely able to achieve a perfect score on the PFT. Additionally, I volunteer for roughly 5 hours a week in my community on top of the 24 hours a week I put in at swimming. What are my chances of receiving a full four year scholarship at each of these universities? Also, what are the chances of receiving a HPSP scholarship, in order to attend medical school immediately after the conclusion of my undergraduate years? Thank you in advance for any assistance or insight that you can offer!!!!
Here are a few old threads on the topic, which has been addressed in the past.
Also, just an opinion.

If you can get recruited as NCAA D-I, it would be preferable to the AROTC scholarship which CAN lock you in to a non-medical profession obligation for eight years if you are not able to receive an educational delay and/or get accepted to a medical school. If you are accepted to a medical school, my understanding is that several of the branches would help you get the HSPS entry.;
I'd say your resume is super solid to get an AROTC scholarship. Whether you get accepted to any of the schools you're interested in is entirely another matter of course and based ONLY on what I have read, there easier/more reliable options than ROTC to get into the medical field. My understanding is you basically have to request an "educational delay" at the end of your (4) years of ROTC in order to go to med school. Very few are handed out but at least (2) of my daughters friends received from the USNA and one from AROTC. The USNA grad was unable to get into a med school. I've never heard back about the AROTC classmate.