1. S

    What are my chances at Army or Air Force ROTC?

    Leadership-wise, and academics-wise, I'm relatively sure I fit the bill. I have a 4.0 GPA and 1590 SAT. I am also chair of my local city youth council, through which I have spearheaded various local economic development efforts, and co-president of my school's economic forum, where we debate...
  2. Q

    Did weed on two occasions

    A few months ago I had weed for the first time and did it twice because a friend had gotten an edible, but I haven’t had any since then and that was my only time trying it, no other drug use, and I’m 17, would that be considered experimental or is that disqualifying off the get go
  3. S

    Is this a good sign?

    My CFA scores turned green into "On File and passed" and my DodMERB also became "Qualified" on the 24th of last month. I have also secured my nomination from the local US embassy. It's definetely not a guarantee, but it's a sign of good things to come, right?
  4. G

    How does nomination increase chances of acceptance

    I am a female applying to USNA for the class of 2027. I received an nomination from my congressman. By how much does that increase my chances of being accepted?
  5. G

    Finance Officer

    Hi, I am extremely interest in becoming a finance officer. Does anyone know how competitive this spot is at USMA or if it an under selected position?
  6. G

    Can a visit to USMMA help boost my chances of admission/receiving an appointment?

    I am wondering if it is beneficial to my application if I can go visit now (and demonstrate showing an interest), or should I sit tight (and not miss school and take an expensive trip) and let the process play out. Thanks for any thoughts or advice!
  7. T

    Chance Me

    How likely do you think I am to get the AROTC Scholarship on a scale of 1-10? I'm a junior in HS right now, but my extracurricular stats are updated as of next year and my GPA's are predicted by college and school counselors. I'm interested in a Mechanical Engineering major with a possible minor...
  8. E

    Off Topic- National Guard Help

    I've been interested in joining an academy in the past but had changed my mind to potentially joining the national guard. From that experience, I know this is a great forum for help and I couldn't find any other good forums for asking questions. If anybody can, can someone tell me the success...
  9. P

    Request a Tour update on my portal?

    Hello Service Academy Forum. As we approach appointment season, everyone seems to be very anxious/stressed out (I definitely am:oops:). With that in mind thanks y'all so much with insight information to keep me sane. :angel: I can't thank this forum enough. My question: I've recently received a...
  10. Gliderguy101

    Chance Me - USAFA 2023

    Hello, I am currently a Junior (future class of 2o23) looking for some incite with my stats and chances of getting into USAFA. I live in MD. GPA: - 4.0 (unweighted) - 4.67 (weighted) SAT: - 1340: 620 cr, 720 math - I've taken the SAT only once, but I plan on taking more. Rank: - 16/407 ~ Top...
  11. USNAismyplace

    Looking for advice!

    I know no one knows my chances, but here are some my stats, now that I am a HS junior and am preparing to dive into the SA process. I am a female junior from MA shooting for USNA! GPA (weighted): 4.3 GPA (unweighted): 4.03 Freshman courses: Honors English, Honors Algebra II, Honors Biology...
  12. L

    chance of getting into VMI?

    pretty weak resume imo 3.3 UW GPA, 3.6 Weighted 31 ACT I don't know if they just check GPA or rigor of individual courses, but my GPA is low due to electives like french and psychology. My grades in engineering, math and history are good, and science and english grades are ok. 4 ap 9 honors...
  13. USNAismyplace

    Recruited athlete vs. regular applicant?

    I am a female who will be applying for the class of 2023, and there is also a male in my grade who is a recruited lacrosse player. Will the fact that he is a recruited athlete be more advantageous to his admission? Do I have a smaller chance of appointment because he is recruited and I'm not...
  14. P

    Reapplying in college

    Last year I started (but did not complete) the application for USAFA class of 2021. This Fall I will be going to CU Boulder for engineering and applying for USAFA class of 2022. Last year I received a nomination from my local Rep. My stats are: GPA 3.6UW/4.0W, ACT 32, SAT 1330, 4 years club...
  15. USNAismyplace

    Appointee limit per school?

    Do the service academies have limits on how many people they can appoint from one school? I plan on applying to USNA and USMA, and there is someone in my grade who has been recruited for lacrosse at USMA and two others who are interested in USNA (one of them being my twin). Is it normal for...
  16. A

    What are my chances of being appointed/nominated?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if any of you could provide insight in what my chances are in getting in to the USAFA. Here is my GPA, SAT and ACT. 4.75 GPA on 5 scale, all AP classes 670 Math 660 English and Writing 27 Math 31 Verbal I'm also in National Honor Society, I'm the captain of our...
  17. D

    How much does my act help?

    Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. My school doesn't rank students, and the Gpa scale is very strange. Ive heard that westpoint doesn't look at gpa as much as Class rank, but because my school doesn't rank, how would WP analyze my academics? I would assume that they would just look at my act...
  18. A

    AROTC Chances

    Hi, I will be a high school senior this fall and I am still learning a lot about the AROTC program. I turn 17 at the end of July, so unfortunately, I have been unable to begin the AROTC scholarship application. I intend on pursuing my goal of becoming a military doctor in the Army. I am...
  19. balfer

    Army ROTC scholarship chances please

    Hi I'm currently a junior in high school and was wondering if you could chance me and give me tips to make a stronger application. Academics- ACT- 33 (I'm hoping to get it up to a 34 in the June test) GPA- ~3.7UW Classes- I took all pre-ap classes that I could freshman and sophomore year and...
  20. U

    What do i need to do?

    Hi, I am a freshman in high school and have been considering applying to the USNA in my junior year. I do have some setbacks though. I am homeschooled, and have been for 4 years. While that may make my chances harder to get in, I am ahead in math (wrapping up algebra 2 for the year), English...