Can an NCO administer my CFA


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Sep 7, 2021

I am a college freshman who is applying to USAFA, and I am part of AFROTC. I was wondering if I am allowed to have an NCO (T/Sgt) member of my cadre administer my CFA for me, a commissioned officer, or would I have to go back to my high school to have my senior year gym teacher administer my CFA?

Thank you for all and any help!
“Your examination may be administered by any physical education teacher, Service Academy Liaison Officer or JROTC instructor. Any active duty commissioned officer may administer the CFA for service members. It is your responsibility to arrange for a qualified person to conduct your examination.” From the website. Which brings up an important point, this was easy to find. Any of the officers in your unit can administer the CFA.
Exactly this, but the NCO or commissioned officer must not have any familial relations to you.