Congrats To Our New Doc!


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Jun 9, 2006
Join me in wishing special congrats to KP2001 who is now official!! Years of his hard work just added another great doctor to the world. What makes it soooo over the top is that he is a KP Doc! :thumb:

Hey Doc. I have a sore throat..... :biggrin:

Nicely done, KP! BTW: the pollen count is really high - do you have any samples of good allergy drugs? :shake:

If he comes looking for me cause I posted this.... Ya'll have my back right?

I thank you all.

It has been a long four years of school, not including the extra year of college I needed after graduating from Kings Point to complete some requirements. Now comes the scary part, actually taking care of patients. I wish them all luck :shake:

I am yet another example of the potential careers Kings Point graduates can have. It provides unique opportunities no other school in the country can provide and I owe alot of what I have accomplished to date to simply walking the halls of Bowditch for four years.

If interested to see the medical school I went to the web address is:

You can also take a look at a film that should be coming out in the near future about the school and medical care in Iraq by visiting Fighting For Life The Movie
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Fighting For Life, the movie

Thanks, KP2001, for the movie link. Reading the director's comments made me really want to see it.

Firstly, CONGRATS!

I was wondering if it were possible for you to PM me some information/advice about what I need to accomplish in undergrad to get into USUHS? That's where I hope to do Medical School.