Congressman interview tommorrow


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Nov 15, 2008
hello I got my congressman's interview tomorrow and a phone interview with my senator(i live in california) in two weeks does anyone have any last minute hints? ive already done a lot of research but last minute advice never hurt :yllol:
There's no magic answer. Be truthful, always. Take a breath and think about the questions for a second or two before answering. Don't demean other SAs or civilian schools.

Read over whatever you sent the MOC before you go in. Be prepared to address any "weaknesses" in your packet.

Try not to say "like" every other word. :)

In MOST cases, MOC interviews are generally like BGO interviews, although there are/can be differences.
-Make sure you don't give generic answers, they want to know about you and why you are special, let them know.
- It's a good idea to bring a folder with your resume and possibly some letters of rec. Most likely you will not need them but it shows that you are prepared and I actually used them for one of my interviews
-Make sure you have all of your qualities on mind. It is very easy to forget about important aspects of your life (accomplishments, clubs, parts of sports) because you are so nervous.
-Dress sharp, look neat.
-Relax. These are important interviews but you need to be able to handle high pressure high stress situations if you go to any SA. Make sure that you don't seem too freaked out.
-Be polite, Yes, No, Very nice to meet you, thank you for your time, etc.
- They will most likely ask you what are your strengths and weaknesses, be honest. It does not just mean mental weakness either, i flat out told them "I can not do that many push ups or pull ups but i have been lifting and am working extremely hard to improve in that area". They got a kick out of it and appreciated the honestly. One thing they DO NOT WANT TO HEAR is that you have NO WEAKNESSES, its hard to think of them on the spot, so have some ready!
- Relax and good luck!
Just be calm and confident, but not arrogant and ADD.

Pray about it, meditate about it, and focus on it. You'll do just fine, and hopefully receive a nomination.. which I failed to get HAHA

but hope you get it!

And btw, It's funny how you said as the title, "Interview tomorrow", and you say it's in two weeks later.
And btw, It's funny how you said as the title, "Interview tomorrow", and you say it's in two weeks later.

His phone interview with his senator is in 2 weeks is what I believe he is trying to say.

His interview with his congressman is tmmr. :thumb: good luck!
Get a drink and then go to a bathroom. My first interview was awkward b/c my mouth was dry and I made weird noises every time I opened my mouth. My second interview was even worse because I kept crossing/uncrossing my legs. Learn from my mistakes and have your first interview like I had my last. Good luck! :thumb:
The thing that worked best for me was to have "canned answers". You can sort of expect the things they're going to ask you. (ie: why do you want to go to an SA? What leadership positions have you held? etc.) Craft those answers very carefully beforehand so you're not trapped trying to think on your feet, and forget something important. Practice these constantly up until the interview. Also, when you hear a question that elicits a response that you know, it will seriously help you calm down. Then it just feels like practicing in the mirror.

I don't remember who said it earlier, but get a drink and use the restroom are definites. Anything that will help you relax will do you well.

Best of luck,
No one's said this yet--but be yourself. All those other things are true--be prepared, go to the bathroom. But be YOU. Many many candidates have many many qualities in common. YOu're already very similar to everyone else who's interviewing. Don't try to sound like the prefect candidate.

Try to be the perfect YOU.
As someone who has sat on a scholarship interview board DO NOT REHEARSE... the board can tell and you will not sound genuine nor like yourself. That is probably one of the most glaring mistake candidates can make. Boards want to get to know you. Do we mind if it takes you a breath or two to formulate an answer - absolutely not. Does it show poorly of you if you do not have an answer - absolutely not, just admit that maybe you have not thought of that and then quickly formulate a reasonable answer. Honesty is much better than a pre-scripted canned answer. Many boards do want to see you "think on your feet" and the real you not the rehearsed you.

thats all

Good point, but remember to blink and be natural. You don't want the interviewer feeling uncomfortable for being STARED at or to have their eyes begin watering on your behalf...

Maybe my interviewers had a different idea or I just didn't sound overly rehearsed because the interview I had my answers prepared the best for went the best, and I received 2 nominations from that office. The one where I thought it would be best not to try to predict went terribly, and I didn't receive any nom's.

I'm just speaking from personal experience, but you have a good point. If you don't sound genuine, then it will work against you.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you should be prepared, and know HOW you want to say what you want to say.