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Nov 17, 2008
Thanks to usna1985 for bringing this to my attention, but I haven't found anything out about it.

Candidate Visitation Weekends

Does anyone know anything about them? or how I can get set up for one?

I talked to my BGO and he knows very little about it.

I would just like to see the Academy one more time up close before I make a decision should I get an appointment there as well (I already have AFA).

contact your RD and ask him/ her about it
I went and shadowed a youngster (I knew her so she requested me) but usually you shadow a plebe. I had an awesome time! Completely solidfied everything :)
You can PM me if you have any specific questions.
Your BGO should know about them but can't set you up for one. Sometimes, CGO just offers them. In other cases, candidates request them. They are typically offered/given to well-qualified candidates.

Call CGO (your RD) and ask for one. I believe there are four offered in the spring. The earlier you go, the more you will see what real plebe year is like because, the closer it gets to graduation, the more things typically slacken.

Call now, BTW, b/c there are more candidates who want CVWs than there are slots. Also, FYI, you will need to pay your own way there.
Thanks again usna1985. I just emailed my RD so I'll get the info from him soon.

and I was planning on paying my way out there anyway, so no worries there.

usnahopeful - the person you shadowed requested you? does it work the other way too? One of my former lacrosse teammates is a plebe right now. It would be cool to follow him around for a day.

Geoff, you can ask your RD to request him but it isn't always guarenteed, but you might as well :). You'll have a great time! :) When are you going?
He sent me back an invitation, and the dates that they are offering it throughout next semester.

I still haven't decided if it's worth it to go because I don't know about an appointment, and my parents aren't going to pay for me to visit somewhere I won't be going next year. I still have to ask about requesting a mid to shadow.
It looks like I'm going.

My RD just emailed me saying that I actually did have a LOA that just got delayed in the mail. :biggrin: