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Aug 20, 2008
Any tips/advice/extra info about attending a CVW? I recently accepted an invitation to attend one in February.
My guess is to keep a low profile and try to grasp what the academy is all about.

Asking questions wouldn't hurt either.
It is your opportunity to ask a lot of questions - at both the Admissions briefing and then the rest of the weekend with the Plebe that drags you. You will go to their activities and classes.

Have a great time and try to learn as much as possible in a weekend about life as a Plebe and Midshipman. Don't be a pain, but do try to ask a lot of questions. Most important BE Yourself!
Try to imagine yourself as a plebe. It sounds stupid but it's harder than it sounds. Here's an example: you watch a parade. It looks nice, neat, maybe even fun. If you've ever marched in a parade, you view them somewhat differently, even when watching them later in life.

Ditto with CVW. It's one thing to watch someone do chow calls and find it . . . well, however, you find it. It's something else to be doing one, especially during the summer and fall when you have upperclass yelling at you all the time.

Also, remember that you get to go home at the end of the WE. Back to your civilian clothes, family, computer, dog, whatever. As a mid, you stay. Not saying that's a bad thing, but think about your being at USNA full-time.

And do ask questions. It really is true that the only stupid question at CVW is the one that you wait until I-Day to ask.:smile: Ask plebes what they like best and least. Ask them what was hard and easy. Ask what they wish they'd done differently and/or were glad they did. And anything else that is of interest or concern to you.
I'll probably see you there.

I'm planning on asking a crapton of questions, and definitely taking a lot in during the classes. That's a big reason I'll be going, so I'm going to try to follow along in his classes as best as possible.

Question for anyone who has been: are we expected/allowed to participate in PT/intramurals/etc? Whatever the mid happens to be doing Friday afternoon.
o, I almost forgot. Sleeping arrangements. Will they try to pair us with someone in a room that has an empty bed? I've stayed in Bancroft before, and the tile floors wouldn't exactly be comfortable.

As for physical activities, it is up to you whether you want to participate or not. Your company will have some sort of activity on Sat morning (Saturday Morning Training, or SMT). This could range from obstacle courses, to swimming, to visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum (which you might have to stay behind for). Also, your company might have PT Friday morning. Mine did and we ran an "outer" (about 3.6 miles) along with some upper body stuff. However, you don't have to do this (though I strongly recommend you do). One drag in the company I dragged with slept through it. Also, you will have many opportunities to talk to upperclassmen. I would definitely take advantage of that to get a different perspective. Good Luck!
My nephew was invited to the CVW in Feb. I found this forum looking for more information on it. I sure found it here. What a great forum.

Do plebes submit a report on their drags after the weekend is over?

This lingo is really tough for me. I read for hours on this site before I asked my question.

Yes the person you are shadowing (I shadowed a youngster- sophomore) will submit a write-up/ eval of their drags after the weekend. It's only about 3 questions though. But I had an awesome time definitely solidified my desire to attend and I received an appointment so I am VERY EXCITED! :thumb:
Thank you very much for responding. My sister and I are trying to find out all we can. This is very exciting and new for us.

I was wondering if any of you could elaborate on this invitation. Specifically, from a plebe view point?

Actually, any view point, but a plebe would be awesome! :shake:
usnahopeful - your words are so valuable. Thank you. I really love your reply! I am just pushing the tread a bit more.
Some companies will ask your Plebe to do a small evaluation - others will not. As with all things USNA, it has more to do with the Plebe than you.

Have fun, participate is as much as you can, ask questions - just don't be a pain and over demanding. The last time I dragged a plebe wantabe, I had a lot going on that weekend and Monday - needless to say, they got passed around to a few friends. Don't think poorly of your Plebe or Youngster if that happens - it is not a reflection on you or what we think of you. Also, you want honesty, and we all can be a bit or even more than a bit cynical about the place. Don't get turned off - actually listen to the cynicism as you can learn a lot about the place if you filter ...
thanks for all the extra info. I'm getting really excited to get out there next month. One thing i'm not clear on is if candidates are supposed to bring their own sleeping bags, pillows, etc. I'm flying in so i've obviously got to pack light.
Also, it's my understanding that khakis and a collared shirt are appropriate attire for the visit.
Sleeping Bag

My son was there last weekend and did bring a sleeping bag. He was lucky though, in that his plebe was able to get him a mattress ("rack") to use! You'll also need a pillow if you use one and towels and a washcloth. Be sure to bring gloves and a hat, as it is cold. He also wore khakis and long sleeved collared shirts. There was everything from that to jeans, t-shirts and even a few with sports coats. He wore his sneakers, as did most. Wear what you feel comfortable in. My son helped out with community service on Sat. morning and was able to borrow some work khakis and a sweatshirt. The young men there couldn't have been more helpful. He had a great time and really wants to attend. The experience can't be beat!