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    If USNA uses a rolling admissions process, are college students at a disadvantage due to their files NOT being reviewed until after their first semester grades are sent in?
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    No. Remember that most candidates don't receive appointments until at least February -- once the MOC noms are submitted, which must be done by Jan. 31. Most college grades come out in January, so college candidates are right in the mix.

    Yes, some candidates with Pres noms may get an appointment before February -- but these are a very small percentage of the total number of successful appointees.
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    I think they would be at a disadvantage as far as receiving an LOA is concerned.

    Also, since there is a rolling admissions process and some early decisions are made, I think it only stands to reason that those who have their packet completed to the extent that they are included in the earliest "looks" have an advantage since the candidate pool continues to grow over time. The number of candidates against whom you compete continues to grow as more and more complete their packets.

    So, I would think that they are at a slight disadvantage. Very slight, however.
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    I would suggest that any disadvantage they might experience, and my personal opinion is that such is between slim and none, would be minimized further by the fact that USNA knows they are working with actual college level grades, not iffy projections of high school grades and SAT/ACT scores. Further, most of these candidates are repeaters and have assured noms from their nom sources. Also, as already mentioned, the action does not really ramp up until February. Finally, until the last couple of cycles LOAs were not that commonly used by USNA.

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