Do I even have a chance at USMAPS?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by DutyHonorCountry, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Hello, I am a candidate applying out of a community college and am not as academically qualified for USMA (class of 2017) my GPA, from a college stand point, is a 3.51 with an SAT of 550 CR, 470 MTH, 500 W. I excelled beyond the maximum requirements on my PT test and am medically qualified. I am currently interning as a TA for Biology and also have wayyyy more leadership experiance besides that. I have TONS of community service too. My diversity admissions officer told me that I may have a shot at USMAPS but I am not feeling to comfortable right now because there may be A LOT of enlisted soldiers comming in this year. I know that advice from forums aren't 100% accurate but I still need some insight. Also I need some advice when it comes to ROTC at VT. I am planning on joining the corps if my two attempts at USMA fail, however I fear that commissioning will be a lot more difficult for me through ROTC because I am comming in as a transfer (I didnt get full leadership training for my first two years plus an additional semester because I was at a community college)
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    My opinion - no. I think you improve your SAT Math score, your chance should increase dramstically.

    There are always exceptions of candidates getting accepted with "low" SAT scores to USMAP and USMA. But I believe West Point make those decision very carefully as accepting candidates with academic foundation usually results in a higher chances of academic failure.
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    To be offered USMAPS - you have to be medically and physically qualified BUT academically 'disqualified'.
    Low test scores are usually what get you academically DQ'd.

    To be considered for USMAPS you need be a 'risk' in either Math or English as USMAPS is for Math and English remediation.
    For USMAPS, 'risk' means:
    SAT - below 500 in Math or English
    ACT - 20 or below in any subsection

    With a 550 CR, you are slightly above the 'risk' level, but with a 470 in Math you are at 'risk' in Math.
    With CR being very close to risk and Math definitely a risk, this may be why your admissions officer says you are a good candidate for USMAPS.

    You'll probably get more response to your ROTC question if you post it in the 'ROTC' forum or the 'Publicly and Privately Funded Military Colleges' forum.
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    Your SAT scores barely meet the minimum requirements for AROTC but generally speaking people with those scores are not awarded scholarships. However, as a diversity candidate your mileage may vary. Unless you live in Virginia I don't think those SAT scores will get you accepted by Virginia Tech though. Even if you live in Virginia I'm doubtful, but I don't know what their minimum requirements are for in-state students. But then there is that diversity issue again so who knows.

    We live in NC and my son's SAT Math and CR were 1320 and he was not accepted by VT, but who knows what the reason was for the lack of acceptance. It could have been something else altogether. Sorry to be the bearer of undesirable news, but then again I wouldn't totally rule out a scholarship. It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings.

    I expect USMAPS is going to be your best bet. Best wishes.
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    You may stand a better chance of commissioning through ROTC then you think.

    If you have 2 years remaining in school you can attend LTC the summer before you start ROTC, this is designed to catch you up one the MS1 and MS2 classes you missed. You would start ROTC as a MS3. Since you are transferring from a CC, ROTC will not be concerned with you SAT scores, they will look at your college GPA.

    Once you start ROTC your position on the OML will be determined by GPA, APFT, LDAC,and Battalion Evals, your SAT's won't be a factor.

    There are many cadets that have transferred from CC's that commissioned Active Duty.

    Your larger concern will be getting accepted to VT as a transfer student.

    I agree with Bruno, you should check out the ROTC thread on this forum, you will get a lot more detailed answers regarding ROTC.

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