Do I have a chance at USMA with these CFA scores?


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Dec 12, 2016
Hello everyone! I am pretty nervous about my CFA scores and would like some input on them.
I am taking it on Sunday.
Bball throw: 50ft
Pull ups: 1
Sit ups: 70
Push ups: 45
Mile run: 8:15
I know the pull ups are pretty pathetic as well as the mile time, but I have never been a fast runner. As far as academics and leadership roles go, I am valedictorian of my class with a 4.37 GPA, my ACT score is a 28, I am President of NHS, a class officer, and I have completed over 45 hours of community service over the last two years. I have also received a nomination. Oh, and does West Point allow candidates to retake the CFA if they do not pass? Thanks!
For females, one pull up is superior to maxing out the flex arm hang.
You should pass without problem, but don't forget about the Shuttle Run. Good luck!
you seem pretty good. You may want to increase those ACT scores. it says that the average score is a 29


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