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Apr 14, 2017
Hello, I completed my application to USNA earlier this fall and now am anxiously awaiting my qualified status from DoDMERB. I submitted all of my remedials as of December 13, but have not been updated yet. Will my application be discarded tomorrow if I am not upgraded between now and tomorrow at midnight?
No. You got everything in by the deadline. You should be fine, as long as DoDMERB hasn't requested any other remedials or updated your status to "disqualified".
Now you wait. Possibly until April 15th.
DODMERB/Medical issues are not subject to the Jan. 31 deadline. That said, you should submit DODMERB requests for remedials as promptly as possible because they are needed for DODMERB to determine your qualification status.

Once they do that, if you are "not qualified," you are automatically considered for a waiver from USNA. USNA won't evaluate you for a waiver until they decide that they are likely to offer you an appointment.

You cannot be offered an appointment until you the DODMERB determination has been made and, if necessary, a waiver has been granted. Thus, as I said first, you want to be aggressive in addressing any medical issues but they are unrelated to the Jan. 31 deadline for other Admissions documents.
One note, you need to be checking your status on the DODMERB site, and looking for letters to you. I had a remedial requested, but the only way I knew that was by checking that site. It didn't show up on my USNA portal - just that DODMERB hadn't been completed yet. It's not very obvious on the DODMERB site either, so you need to spend some time trolling around in there. Also, it just showed the code that was needed, didn't say what it was. So I had to look at the link for codes to figure out what they wanted. Filled out the form and returned it and it was fine two days later. Craziness, but a good lesson in persistence!! For what it's worth.