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    I have a question about the overall DODMERB Process. I've read through some forums, but want confirm or be clarified of the process.

    1. Completed DODMERB physical on 8/2/2019
    2. DODMERB site posted "Incomplete"
    3. On 8/9/2019 DODMERB site posted "Complete as of 8/9". Noting "it is being reviewed by a CIV case manager."
    4. My question and/or Clarification: Once reviewed it should change to "Closed" and then sent from DODMETS to DODMERB. (Should be around 2 weeks to this point 8/16?)
    5. DODMERB gives us a determination of results and sends this to the Academy (a 2-4 week process).
    6. So entire process for it to be finally be posted on the Academy Website and task completed could take from 4-6 weeks.

    Is this the correct overall process and time frame??
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    Newbie mom of a DS who just did this, so only based on his experience this is how it went for him - He only looked at the DODMETs site until it showed 'complete and sent.' Only then did he start monitoring the DODMERB site. The exam was received by them the same day it was sent and closed at DODMET. DODMERB said the exam was reviewed the day after it was received. That review process took a few days (and a personal statement remedial) later he was qualified. It took about 2 weeks for that letter to be sent to USNA, and their portal noted the medical exam was complete. However, for USMA the qualification letter was noted on DODMERB the same day they requested the exam reviewed (yesterday). But the portal hasn't updated there, yet. Hope that helps. From what I read it's really different for everyone and the speed at which things are reviewed/processed depends on how busy they are, both at DODMETS and DODMERB.
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    I appreciate the thread and info, our DS has DODMERB medical on Monday and eye on Wednesday.