DODMERB still valid?


Dec 27, 2019
I got my DODMERB exam done in early November 2018. From everything that I've read, those exams are supposed to expire 2 years from the date of the exam. Note: I originally got the DODERB done in 2018 as a senior in high school for the Naval Academy. I took a year off school, and was awarded an Army scholarship over Christmas break last year. My exam was reviewed and verified February of 2020. In my portal it says my current medical status for US ARMY ROTC is "qualified." I haven't yet contracted because of a mess of COVID, paperwork error on my part, and unfortunately failing my first PT test due to the sit ups. I was under the impression that I'd now have to get a new DODMERB completed and reviewed in about less than a month in order to contract this semester, and get tuition paid for. Does my "current medical status" saying "qualified" mean I don't have to, and I'll be able to complete the contracting process next week with no problems?


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A DoDMERB exam for "accession purposes" (e.g. contracting is good for 2 years from the date ( a specific day) of the medical exam. You may not be contracted after that date. A new exam would have to be conducted.

All ROTC Commanders (Navy and AF) and Army PMS' know this. There are no exceptions :wiggle: