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    How soon after being notified of a scholarship offer do they have to complete the physical? Is it after notification or acceptance?
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    If there is a deadline I expect its the start of the college semester. In any case I expect the deadline will be in the letter offering the scholarship. The scholarship itself will be conditional upon successful completion of the physical. They will send you paperwork with the name of the doctor to do the physical. I also think they schedule it and so notify you of the date, although I'm not certain about that. It may just be the contact information for the doctor and its up to you to schedule.

    At least that's my understanding of this process. I'm sure others will correct me if I'm wrong.
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    The series of physical exams for DODMERB should begin no later than shortly after notification of the scholarship. It is generally not in anyone's interest to drag it out, not least because remedial followups may be necessary, including documentation and additional examinations, as well as automatic DQs and the ensuing waiver process. Because of a late start, Cadet Delahanty was already on campus and participating in AROTC by the time his final waiver came through.

    If you have been awarded a scholarship but have not been contacted regarding the physicals, you should follow up with Cadet Command and DODMERB to make sure your file has not slipped through the cracks.
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    I agree with ED, it will be done shortly after selected. If I recall correctly there is a definite due by date. I believe you must have the appointment made within 45 days of selection. Key words are the appointment made, not have had the apptmt. Caveat this is for HSSP, I don't know for ISSP.

    They will send you a choice of DoDMERB docs that you can go to, but it is up to you to make the appointment. If you are a military brat you can go to your base doc, at least that is what we did for our DS in AFROTC.

    You will go to an eye doc and a generalist, so be prepared to go to at least 2 docs. The docs will fax the paperwork into DoDMERB and it can take up to a few weeks to find out the results.

    As ED stated don't delay this because you can not receive a penny until you are medically qualified, thus if the waiver doesn't come through for 6 months, and you don't have the physical until March, but school starts in Aug. That stipend won't come until later. They will back date it and you will get it, but it is a pain in the arse to work with DFAS to get it fixed.

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