Does Army ROTC pay for summer classes?

Jun 9, 2017
Hey all, a good friend of mine who is in Army ROTC right now as a contracted cadet is going to have to take summer classes for the rest of his summers as a cadet in order to graduate on time. Will the Army pay for these classes? He said that they will but I’m feeling a little doubt. The classes that he is taking are available to take during the school year too.
Generally, no.

An Army Cadet must submit a Form 104-R at the beginning of their contract. Each semester (or quarter) the cadre will check to ensure that the 104-R is adhered to. If there are special circumstances, the cadre MIGHT make an exception but my understanding is that this is unusual. Of course, engineering majors sometimes need additional time to graduate and might be approved for summer classes on a case by case basis. Otherwise, most AROTC cadets must graduate in 4 years WITHOUT summer classes.

@clarksonarmy (A longtime ROO) recently posted this negative comment on summer classes:
As I understand it and the way it was told to my son is that the Army pays for 8 semesters (unless they agree to extended semesters depending on the degree). I you take summer classes the Army will pay for them if you take a full schedule (12 credits or more) but that will be one of your 8 semesters, you would be on the hook for any semesters after 8.

Thing could be different now but that's what was told to my son a few years ago.
I understand the reasoning behind prohibiting summer classes but what if the student already had college credits going in due to AP/Duel enrollment courses taken in High School. Say the student has 15 college credits prior to enrollment and chooses to mix in some post grad classes their last two semesters at college "before" officially graduating. Not trying to play the system but if a student can get a jump start on their masters/doctorate and it technically would not cost the Army any more than if they had to take a full slate classes to graduate would that be allowed?
My DS was AFROTC, thus take it with a grain of salt. DS entered with AP/Duel enrollment as an AFROTC scholarship recipient. It was pretty straight forward in his paperwork... they only pay for undergrad, regardless if you enter with extra credits, you cannot use it to get a jump start on your grad degree. DS had so many credits he did a dual major, a minor and a core concentration since they also required at least 12 credits per semester.
My DS who was AROTC took some of his classes online over 2 summers and the Army picked them up.
My daughter is taking a summer class on her campus, and she was told she had to pay for it,we are paying for it. Looks like it depends so you need to speak to your cadre about it. I am guessing it also depends why, in her case she just wanted a lighter load this spring, and tuition is a flat rate whether you take 15 credits or 18, so I can understand why they wouldn't basically pay for it twice.she goes to a private school and one summer class is about $3,000, the school gives a generous ROTC discount though, so we are paying half of that.