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    I just checked my dashboard and saw that I received an AFROTC scholarship. I am so happy I want to cry. For a while, I was worried about how I would be able to afford college, but now I can go to college for free! It doesn't matter what teir because i have a tuition scholarship and live 30 min away so all I need is money for fees. I wouldn't mind living on campus if i can use it for that too though. No debt, my God. Of course I owe the military but that is not a debt, it is a privilege. I have been obsessively checking this site for months. Sometimes I spent all day looking at the people who were fighting for the same thing. Seeing all the amazing resume's out there just made me feel awful. I knew my grades were competitive, but I didn't make a 2100 on the SAT, didn't have a ton of community service hours or extracurricular and my run time wasn't stellar. I know that there are people out there that are or will be going through the same thing while reading about all these amazing kids. I just want to post my stats so that other kids like me might be uplifted.

    PFA: 41 pushups in a min.:thumb:, 71 situps in a min.:thumb:, 14:09 1.5 run:thumbdown: (P.S. I'm a girl, still I am going to be running my butt off this summer)
    GPA: 3.883 uw, 4.167 w
    SAT: 700R, 600M
    Rank: Top 2% 355 students
    AP Credits accepted by institution (4 or higher)
    o Composition I (ENGL 1101)
    o Introductory Psychology (PSYC 1101)

    Dual Enrollment honors student at Kennesaw State
    o General Chemistry I (CHEM 1211)
    o General Chemistry I Lab (CHEM 1211L)
    o Global Economics (ECON 1100)
    o Composition II (ENGL 1102)
    o Calculus I (MATH 1190)
    o Calculus II (MATH 2202)
    o Principles of Physics I (PHYS 2211)
    o American Government (POLS 1101)

    Extracurricular Activities
    Chamber Orchestra and Advanced Orchestra
    • 1st chair section leader (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior)
    Student Leadership Team
    • Active member (Freshman, Sophomore)
    National Honors Society
    • Active member (Junior)
    • Varsity 2rd doubles player, Varsity letter recipient (Junior)
    • Junior Varsity 1st singles player (Sophomore)
    • Junior Varsity setter (Junior)

    Awards and Accomplishments
    Awards and Honors
    • Pebblebrook High School Honors Night 2011: Honors Award for Outstanding Performance in Physics
    • Pebblebrook High School Honors Night 2011: Honors Award for Outstanding Performance in Psychology
    • Pebblebrook High School 2010-2011: Most Outstanding Performer
    • Falcon of the Month
    • Go Essay Scholarship recipient
    • Member of Who’s Who Among American High School Students
    • AP Scholar
    • Governors Honors Program finalist

    Community Activities
    Kennesaw Mountain Trail Cleanup Day- I volunteered for a total of eight hours in back-to-back four hour shifts, during which I helped move a mound of dirt, leveled off a section of the trail, cut down approximately twenty-five yards of bamboo overgrowth, and cleared debris off of the trails.
    Pebblebrook Campus cleanup- I was responsible for picking up trash around the campus, repainting pillars and light posts, raking leaves, and clearing a forest path.
    Blood Drive- Volunteered at the Red Cross's blood drive for Pebblebrook High School
    Mentor Correspondence- Wrote letters of encouragement to young children
    Carnation Sales- Helped advertise, sell, and prepare carnations in order to raise money for Relay For Life
    Employment History

    • I have never been employed however, for two summers, I completed two week long unpaid internships with LaVette Anderson CPA at AA Services & Consulting Inc. where I was tasked with clerical work such as establishing and updating account records, handling client documents, receiving phone calls, and organizing client receipts and other documented means of payment. (Freshman, Sophomore)

    Knocked it out of the park! My interviewer said that I had the one of best interview he'd had in his years as an interviewer. He said most kids just come in and say they want to be in the air force because they always thought that it'd be cool to fly. I don't want to be a pilot, but I let him know that the Air Force's core values are my core values.

    I haven't had alot of formal leadership positions, but I have demonstrated leadership in the classroom, on sports teams, and in Orchestra. I may not have been the best player on my teams, most people had been playing for years when I had only just learned the sport a month before tryouts, but I worked my butt off, went to every practice, and became the coaches' example of what a true player is. At home I cut a new path for my siblings, in classes I mentored peers who were having trouble, there was one cello player in my orchestra who was ranked last. Everyone had already written her off, but I watched her. She showed true potential when she thought that no one was looking, but had zero confidence in her abilities. I worked with her, made her play with me and in front of me. Forced her to confront her fears and now, since I no longer take classes at my high school, she is first chair cellist in my stead. For people who have not been in formal leadership positions, just dig down deep and think about how you have affected people's lives. I think this and Dual Enrollment are what put me over.

    I was the first in my family to get a scholarship at a young age (6th grade), the first to do dual enrollment. Now I will be the first to go to college straight out of high school, to go without loans, and the first to go into the military as an officer(I know I know, I have to get a contract sophomore year, but there is no way in hell F-king up this opportunity for anything or anybody.) My dad and 2 cousins are marines, so is my second cousin and ex-cousin in law. Uncle is Army. But they all went in enlisted.

    I just want to make them all proud. Well, they say I have already, but I want to make them prouder. My parents sacrificed so much for me, I owe them everything. Things to do when I get my own money:
    1. Invest
    2. Put money in savings
    3. Set money asside to take Dad to Superbowl:wink:

    There are some really great parents on this site, keep doing what your doing, it truely makes a difference. Candidates, it would really be for your own good if you could keep from obsessively checking this site and your dashboard every 3 hours because, at least for me, obsession breeds long nights and physical pain. If you can manage to do it I commend you because you have more restraint than I do:wink:. Aaaaaaaaanywho, good luck to anyone still waiting and God bless!
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    Congratulations, try to refrain from dancing in the halls at school to much, you'll get some strange looks, but what the heck, it will be worth it.

    It's hard to believe now but this whole process is the easy part, the hard work is yet to come. You certainly have the right attitude, I love the quote below from your post;

    (I know I know, I have to get a contract sophomore year, but there is no way in hell F-king up this opportunity for anything or anybody.)

    Again congratulations, have fun the rest of your school year, stay fit, stay out of trouble, and don't get hurt. Good luck.
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    Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your story.
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    Congrats and IMPO dance around in the halls!

    Now be smart!

    Many recipients lose sight during the HS Prom/Graduation/Summer fun that the scholarship still has conditions placed on it...i.e. senioritis an get a final grade of a D could place you in jeopardy. Stop training during the summer and fail PFT you can't contract.

    Have fun, enjoy the last few days of HS., just remember every action can cause a reaction.

    Welcome to the AF. AIM HIGH in life and ABOVE ALL you now have a new family!
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    Congrats, looks like it was well deserved.
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    71 sit-ups, i'm impressed. You did do them the correct way, right?

    Congrats on the scholarship!
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    Non Ducor Duco


    You have the ability to do the following below.

    It is not about dreaming. It is about setting goals and setting objectives to achieve those goals. That is how success is achieved.

    I believe, you have the ability to earch great achievements.

    God Bless and God Speed,

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    Yes I did do them the right way. Sit ups are the easiest thing for me so I just blast it with them. I asked the most critical coach at my school to administer it to me. She has an abrasive no B.S. attitude towards athletics so alot of ppl hate getting her class, but she's effective so I wanted her to make sure that the score was pretty accurate. Anytime I didn't go down all the way for a push up she said "nope, that one wouldn't fly in the military". Any of my other coaches would have been too soft so i'm grateful to her.

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