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    What happens if the source of your MOC nomination looses there re-election bid this November? I assume those nominations stand as the new members do not take office until Jan 3. Since apps are due by jan 31 it would be nearly impossible for new sen/reps to do the necessary interview etc to develop a slate of candidates. Am I correct on my assumptions? anyone with info please chime in
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    This was going on when I got my nom. What was explained to me at my interview is that both the incoming and the outgoing MOC get to send in a slate.
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    Whoa. How would that even work without an application process in place between January 3 and January 31? One of our MOCs is retiring and one is up for re-election, so there will be at least one, and possibly two, new MOCs. Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks.
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    The outgoing MOC submits his/her slate before leaving office. While theoretically, the incoming MOC could submit a new/different slate, given that they come into office around 21 JAN, there are a few other things to do. Have never heard of a slate being changed.

    The charge is to the district/state, not the individual MOC. So there is no duplication.
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    I think beyond is thinking of the Sen. Booker situation a few years back when there was a special election. In that case Booker and the Sen. that Christie appointed split the slate...5 each. The reason why was Booker was sworn in in Nov. not Jan. Thus, it was special circumstances. However, they never submitted two slates for a total of twenty, it was ten total. Think about it. There are 535 MOCs that would screw with the class size since they must charge these appointees. Even, if 25% of the MOCs change hands, you are looking at @135 more plebes for that year. SAs cannot have by law more than 4400. Every cadet/mid that commissions will be there for 2 election cycles, and one Sen. Election cycle. That will equate to about 300 more appointees if they allowed the outgoing and incoming to both submit slates.

    Otherwise listen to USNA, the slate is charged to the seat not the person. Even when Obama won back in 08, the slate he endorsed as a Senator was the one submitted,not Roland Burns.. I agree I can't recall any slate ever being delayed until after the swearing in. If they did that there would be upheaval every other year for your Congressional nomination. It would also be upheaval every fourth year when you have both a Sen. and your Congressmen. That would be possibly 2/3rds of you sources changing hands.
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