Enlisted to Officer. OCS?


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Oct 8, 2018
Little back story on myself, my name is Kris. Been in the Navy 4 years in January 19. Looking for others who have gone enlisted to officer through OCS to get some insight and help prepare me for when I put my package in. Some basic info about me:

Graduated with my BS in Cyber Security 4.0 GPA
CASP Certified
Last 3 evals were 4.0 MP 5.0 EP 5.0 EP(#1 EP out of 80 across sea and shore)
No PFA Failures last 3 GM GM GM
Currently have 1 LOR from Previous CO
I received my MOVSM this year for my time as a Soccer Coach
Junior Sailor of the Year

Being an IT, I was considering putting in for IP officer. At my last command I was mostly just help desk support with the occasional assistance on our crafts with the radios so I never really got a broad knowledge of my field. Currently also looking for a mentor in the IP field to talk to me about things they do and the career path they have had.

Any info you can recommend I would be thankful for!
Hi Kris,

Welcome to the forums!

I wasn't an IP Officer but I attended the required schooling and met many IP Officers in the process (such is life before a Comm school). Spent a bit too much time at Corry, which I'm sure you're familiar with.

From my experience talking to different ID Officers, IW seems like the best way to go. IP is more restrictive in nature (but you can do some really cool super secret three letter agency stuff) and you'll never command a ship (which may not matter to you). I don't think IW can either right now but I heard rumors that some ID Officers would soon be considered line. Most IP officers I've met start their first sea tour as a CommO.

You definitely sound like you have a competitive package for OCS. IP/IW is such a small field (even though it's growing) that there might not be any slots available when you're applying. Would you consider going line? Another option is for you to go LDO, but that does not come with a permanent commission and you'd have to promote a few more times. It would, however, restrict you to the ID world.

If you have any questions on general officer stuff, feel free to ask. Hope this helped you a bit.