1. A

    Relationship Between Officer and Enlisted

    Me and my girlfriend have been dating for 3 years now and we have decided to go into the CG but she wants to go to the academy and I want to go active duty. I was told that we cannot be dating when she is in academy and I’m active. We really want to stay together but can’t find what to do/ how...
  2. tpaine7

    College Major - Before a Commission

    I have recently started an application to the University I wish to attend; however, I am having trouble deciding on a major. I have always had an interest towards architectural, aeronautical, and civil engineering, but I feel it would do me no good as a Marine officer; I am looking to make a...
  3. K

    relationship officer and enlisted

    so currently, i am a rising sophomore at the academy who is interested in being a pilot, and i ended up meeting someone who i really like and plans on enlisting in the air force. i have heard stories of officer and enlisted relationships working, but would this be one of those time when an...
  4. A

    Army Medical Corps Social Worker

    I live in Illinois and am looking into joining the army reserves medical corps as a social worker. I am prior Navy and have active and reserve time in the navy prior to becoming a social worker. I meet all qualifications for becoming an officer in the army reserves medical corps. I want to find...
  5. F

    NROTC Marine Option Chances

    Hello, I am an applicant for the 2019 NROTC scholarship and I was wondering if some insight could be given into my chances of receiving it; keep in mind this is for the Marine Option so the stats are different. I’ve been confused on what to believe about the accepted statistics, looking at the...
  6. Z

    Should I continue in AFROTC or should I drop it and enlist after college?

    Hello, I am currently a 250 in the afrotc program and just found out that I will not be able to earn a scholarship for the rest of my time while in the program due to my gpa from last year being below a 3.0. One of the main reasons that I joined was because I needed the money to help pay for...
  7. kfletch3203

    Enlisted to Officer. OCS?

    Little back story on myself, my name is Kris. Been in the Navy 4 years in January 19. Looking for others who have gone enlisted to officer through OCS to get some insight and help prepare me for when I put my package in. Some basic info about me: 26 It2(IW) Graduated with my BS in Cyber...
  8. R

    Do most people that apply for the Early Commissioning Scholarship by ROTC National Board get it?

    Is it fairly competitive? And is Marion Military Institute easier or harder to get in? I am very interested in those. And how are ECP scholarship recipients selected?
  9. B

    Best Way to Avoid being a lousy "Butter Bar" 2nd LT after ROTC & SA??

    Does anyone have any good advice on how to best prepare in Army ROTC to become a decent Infantry Platoon Officer and to avoid bad "butter bar" lieutenant mistakes?? What are some common mistakes that newly commissioned 2nd lieutenants make after completing ROTC and Service Academies? Would it be...
  10. B

    Fraternization Policy?

    Im hoping there are some of you who know the answer to this. I am enlisted in the Air Force and have been in for a long time. I met a navy officer online and we’ve been seeing each other for awhile - they knew my rank from the get go and we continued a relationship despite knowing it probably...
  11. L

    OTS pilot slot chances

    Good evening everyone, I am trying to get either OTS slot in USAF or OCS in navy. I want to be a pilot and since getting a slot is extremely competitive, I am trying my luck for both branches Stats - 23 years old, 5'9 height - Bachelors in Health Sciences with two minors ( Math, Arabic) - Top of...
  12. F

    Navy O.C.S. - Do I have a chance?

    Hello, my name is Gage Nawrocki; I just created this account to begin my research before applying. I am planning to enroll in OCS for the Navy, I am currently pursuing my B.A.S. in business management. I know I am getting ready to get ragged on for not obtaining a technical degree, business is...
  13. T

    Urgent Difficulties with NROTC

    I'm not exactly sure how to word or phrase this, so I will just spit it out: I am having... difficulties working with the Officer assigned to handle my application. I am applying (or tying to apply for) the NROTC Marine Option Scholarship. From the beginning of our encounters this Officer...
  14. N

    Significance of Civil Air Patrol on application

    I would assume that the air Force academy would give some credit to involvement in CAP, but to what extent? Currently, I am a C/SMSgt and hold several leadership roles at my squadron, but I intend to be a C/2ndLt by late June. Hypothetically, if I were not a cadet officer when I applied, would...
  15. thomasvlogs

    Hey all! -- I'm new here. :)

    EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realize there was an introduction section. What's going on everyone? I'm not much of a forum person (more active on other social media) but recognized that there have been thriving threads on all things service academy-related here (which is pretty awesome). First off...
  16. M

    USAF Pilot Selection Process

    Hello all, I am currently a college senior looking to become a pilot in the USAF after graduation. I am pretty far along in the application process but was wondering if someone could help answer some questions about what is going to happen next. Also if anyone has recently been through this...
  17. K

    AFROTC - Saluting multiple cadet officers

    Greetings everyone, I have been a cadet basically for a few weeks. I'm from Puerto Rico and the program go started again last week after the hurricane. I was in this situation and I haven't found information in official manuals or handbooks. So before asking my flight commander about it I would...
  18. W

    Air Force Academy Cadet make it to America's Got Talent

    Didn't know where to post this thread but thought that these cadets deserve the recognition. Congrats to these cadets. But I thought that Cadets couldnt wear uniforms outside of the training/school. Any thoughts?
  19. P

    Affiliate Schools | Advanced Standing

    I understand that with an ROTC scholarship, one has the ability to attend an affiliate school of the ROTC program, does that pertain to non-scholarship students as well? If one gets accepted to an affiliate school and begins to attend there, and then decides to do ROTC where it is hosted at...
  20. V

    Officer without scholarship?

    If one does not receive a scholarship in ROTC (more specifically NROTC) and wants to pursue a career in the military, can they still be an officer? Or do they have to enter as enlisted after college?