Every once in a while, working in the Pentagon has it's benefits

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bullet, Apr 17, 2012.

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    So, I get out of a quick meeting with a boss, just to rush out to the River Entrance in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the Space Shuttle Discovery's piggy-back fly-by of the National Capitol Region. As I exit, the 747/Discovery combo, with a T-38 chase, is literally 1/2 mile away from the Pentagon, heading right for us at 1000 feet! Flew RIGHT OVER our position 15 seconds after I just stepped outside! What an AWESOME sight! :thumb:

    The "airshow" came back around a few more times, passing over the Capitol Building, Arlington Cemetary, and the National Mall in seperate passes. Awe inspiring! (And here I am without my cell phone to take a picture! It's locked away by my vault and I didn't have time to retrieve it! :mad:) So many great sights, but the best drew me and the others around me into "OOhs" and "Ahhs" as it's flight path took it multiple time in line of sight with the US Flag in front of us multiple times (What a great photo op that was! Dang it!)

    Then I had to go back inside to the land of powerpoint briefs and e-mails. :thumbdown:

    The whole shooting match should have flown by our house on it's way to Dulles (we live under the approach pattern); I let her know it was supposed to happen today, but she didn't seem that interested. Silly Pima! :shake:
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    Just saw some video of it online - would have been nice to see live on this beautiful day. No doubt we will see some great photos posted.:thumb:

    You do realize, Bullet, you just called Pima silly in front of the entire Forum, and I don't think a :shake: will save you...:eek:
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    Yeah, I was thinking that too...:eek:

    Sorta like playing in the cockpit at the arming pit...telling lead you need some power...yelling dead bug during the WG/CC's farewell party...:yikes:



    USAFA '83 :rockon:
  4. Chockstock

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    Working at the Pentagon sounds pretty cool...

    Anyway, I'm more saddened by this news. Powerful symbol of American supremacy in space technology is now gone :( Now that the spaceshuttle program has pretty much retired, we have no consistent way of sending astronauts into orbit...and will have to rely on Russia for that. NASA needs to go back to what it once was!
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    Bullet called me at 7:15 a.m. alerting me of this fact, and he even said to me I can tell by the tone in your voice you don't really care! :wink: After 20+ yrs as an AF wife, and seeing way too many air shows, it just doesn't float my boat. I know :eek:

    Honestly, it is only going to be 20 miles down the road, so I can go and see it if I want anytime.

    Unlike Bullet all I would have seen is a dot in the air coming in for their approach.

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