Got a Letter of Assurance Today!


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Aug 5, 2007
Hey guys,

I got an email from my admissions officer! He congratulated me and said he filed and approved a LOA for me today. I was beyond amazed. I only sent in my math teacher recommendation 4 days ago by fax (also mailed a copy). He said I should expect an official letter of appointment beginning of January. I was in shock. I never would've thought I'd be able to have the honor to attend USMA, and almost gave up entirely.

Everyone, I thank you for your support. Without your support, I wouldn't have been able to amount to anything. During those moments when I was discouraged, you all pushed me along. I am forever indebted to you all.

Very respectfully,


With your Presidential nomination already in hand = Appointment for you, are you going to accept it?
Thanks Luigi. I got an email from my academy coordinator from my congressman's office and they seem to already know about the LOA. I wonder how things will play out from there.
EG -

Congratulations! With your presidential nom - you are in.

Now - sit back take a deep breath and tell me what all that worrying was about? :wink:

Oh Yeah - I am gonna go ahead and put this out in public - I have cut you a lot of slack on this board the past few months - do me a favor.
If you are going to be on Active Duty in the United States Army assigned to study at the United States Military Academy as a Cadet - start acting like a Cadet now.
Our tax dollars are at work, kiddo. Make us proud.
Thank you all. I won't let any of you folks down. Thank you for all the encouragement, mentoring, and initiative in steering me along the right path. Many of you were like second parents to me. This means a lot to me, and YES, I will accept it. Although it is my first choice, I think I better continue with my interviews with the PMS' because you never know what can happen. I'd better keep my options open. Does that sound look a good plan?

-Cadet Col EG
:thumb: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow!!!!Outstanding!!!!!Had no doubt that you had it in you!!!!! And yes, some of us feel like second parents. I know your parents are very proud. And that you are excited.:thumb:

:thumb: My only advice. Next summer, leave for WP at least a week early. Then you won't have to worry about the plane breaking down and your not being there on time. You probably can also practice whatever it is they do in the woods all summer and camp outside the main gate for the week before I-Day and again not have to worry about being late.:thumb:

That would be R-Day - as in Reception Day - at USMA they "receive" new cadets. Leaving a week early and camping outside the gate is a nice idea though! :shake: :wink:
Congrats EG! So, are you going to take the SAT again? :shake:

Once you receive the appointment and send in the card, you will officially be a Cadet Candidate. On R-Day you will be administered the oath and become a New Cadet.

Now, since I suspect that you may have one or two questions :wink: may I suggest that you don't worry about underwear, boots, leathermen, etc for a few months. And have you joined yet? You'll receive more official info there.

And if you really end up camping out on Main Street, there's a great barbecue joint owned by one of the TAC's. If I recall, it's between Thayer Gate and Schade's. (yummmmmmm)

^ Funny!

About the SATs. I will never take those ever again. I don't believe in the SATs because I know those don't determine success in any college or university. It shows some talent, but nothing more than that. By studying for the SATs, it takes away my opportunity to do civil involvements, become involved in sports, leadership commitments, and E.Cs.

I'll check out the site. Thank you!

Hey EG, a backup plan is a great idea for peace of mind. Your backup can simply be a school you would attend in the unlucky event of a disqualifyiinig injury or illness. Now that you have an appointment, you should inform the ROTC interviewers of your situation. They will be able to advise you of their willingness to provide you with a backup ROTC plan (which will probably not involve a first year scholarship).

Most backup plans are good only until May 1. My son asked for an extension of the May 1 deadline at his backup school. They declined but they did offer to reconsider his application in the event of him not being able to complete basic training. We thought that was an adequate backup plan for the "extreme bubble wrap" period of May 1 to R-Day and also for Cadet Basic Training. His AROTC scholarship offers came in about the same time as his appointment. He declined the AROTC offers immediately so they could be offered to someone else. His AROTC backup plan was to particpate the first year as a nonscholarship student and apply for a second year scholarship.

Be careful, stay fit, keep up your studies, and be understading if your parents cringe every time you compete in your remaining athletic events!

I am sure you will have a Happy Holiday! Many Congratulations!

Eg, congrats

However, your premise on SAT is totally off the mark for many reasons.
First, you inadvertently slammed yourself by saying you didn't score high in certain areas, thus you don't have talent.
Second, you slammed yourself again by saying you can't do time management. Many students have scored very well while maintaining community involvement, sports and jobs. My S is one of those kids. Am I bragging maybe, but for you to slam also sounds like sour grapes.

Success in college and life depends on RESPECT. Respect to others, which includes the system. Currently the system for you is school, later on if you get commissioned it will be your colleagues, yes that includes the enlisted along with's very hard to get the job done without assistance in both directions.

You should be proud of your accomplishments, but don't make excuses for yourself, instead compliment the others for their success, just as we have done for you
Answering that question would take it further off topic.

An LOA is great. SATs test how well you take standardized tests, as well as some of your knowledge about the subjects they cover. Not believing in them won't change the fact that a majority of colleges look at them. It is also true that SATs are not a good indication of how you will function at college, however it is a decent indication of how you may do on other standardized tests like the GRE.

Just my two cents.
^ Agreed

Can anyone tell me how easily USMA can take back an appointment? What are their expectations and etc?
How did I know this question was coming!!! :biggrin: :yllol: :wink:

Relax. :smile:
Just keep doing what you have been doing. Keep up with your school work - if you are taking AP classes then take the exams in May. It could help with validating courses. You still have to submit your 7th semester transcripts and will have to submit complete transcipts upon graduation.

Keep in shape. Continue running, pushups and situps etc.

Stay out of trouble - legal and otherwise. No underage drinking parties, no skipping school, cheating on exams etc.... continue to be a leader and model of good citizenship in your community. Later you will have to submit to a background check.
Two questions -

1. What does the background check cover, and who is responsible for administering this? My dad said when he got his TS clearance, some agents or w/e those intell guys actually questioned teachers, and neighbors.

2. What does WP admissions do if you get slandered by another local individual that may have a grudge against you?

One of my friends here, who also got appointed to the class of 2012 was slandered by another cadet in our regiment. He sent admissions an email about this individual and how he is highly undeserving of becoming an officer. I have little details about this, but I think everything was okay. In fact, I think admissions dismissed it entirely, and didn't even question my friend. They only responded to the cadet, saying they took a note of the incident. The cadet claimed (it was true by the way) that this appointed friend of mine punched him while he was in uniform.

I'm friends with everyone here, but I dread the idea that I might loose an appointment because some individual might slander me in this similar fashion. I do make mistakes.
background check

This is not for high government security clearance. It is a form for you to fill out...they will not be talking to everyone who has ever known you. This one comes in a stack of forms (looks like the original admissions booklet on the outside) and says "Police Record Check." This will arrive after your appointment (my son's came about a month after the appt).