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Jul 15, 2008
Hi. I'm Emily TAylor. I'm from South Carolina and I'm currently seeking admission at USMA. I would definitely appreciate any advice that anyone has to offer. As far as the admissions process, I've already sent out my nomination packets to my respective senators and congressman and I've completed my dodmerb physical. I went to sls at west point as well. Yeah 5th Squad!
Welcome Emily. Good luck to you with your application. Keeping my fingers crossed for you especially 'cause...... Carolina girls! Best in the World! as we like to say. Let us know how its going and be sure to read all the West Point threads for sure. Lots of great discussion in there. Again, best of luck! :thumb:
Welcome! Glad to see another candidate for Army. Don't let the Navy folks pull you over to the dark side. :biggrin:

As Jamzmom said...read the threads on the USMA forum and post any specific questions you might have. Good luck with your application.
appreciate the welcome! i hear you WAMom68! Go Army! Beat Navy!
Em, you sound like a gal who has it all under control! Our 2012 cadets will be there to welcome you and treat you with some fine southern hospitality...after they scare the bejeebers out of you at Beast!! Good luck with the process...have you joined prospect-net?
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