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Jan 10, 2008
Txtwinmom, Peggy, here. I have twin daughters that will be leaving for college in fall 2008...or so I thought. Twin A, "Buckaroo", has received an appointment to AFA and will be leaving in late June. Twin B is heading to Europe for the summer for a volunteer mission internship and then off to Howard Payne Univ. in Brownwood, TX. So my nest will be empty a lot sooner that I expected.
My husband and I were both medical officers in the AF. While we were stationed in Spangdahlem, Germany we developed a real respect for the fighter pilots. Even though my girls were very young (3 y.o. when we arrived, 6 y.o. when we left) they both fell in love with the military lifestyle. After another tour at Travis AFB we decided that we needed to be back home in TX. The time spent in the military had a profound affect on our family and especially "Buckaroo". Twin B couldn't stand to wear a uniform every day and has decided to go into politics in some manner.
My husband and I manage the family ranch (its bigger than President Bush's) and a real estate development, but mostly I get to be a mom to my wonderful girls. I have been on the CC forum a lot but just found this one today. Looks like a lot of info here as well.
Bye for now!!

I too am acquainted to the AF life, but not as lucky as you to shop at Spangdahlem BX or Craft Show...we were based in the UK, and DS was a newborn/toddler and preg with DD so I never got to do the weekend away with the girls. Great folks here for you to gain info, share fears and ask questions

Pima (Bullets DW)
tell her to look out for Ryan Patrick(a friend of mine from sallies) who is also going to the AFA