I'm Out. Best Wishes All.


Mar 11, 2016
My time at Tulane NROTC has come to an end, and so has my time hanging around these boards. It's been a pleasure chatting with many of you over the past couple years. To those applicants on the site, best wishes to you all. You have an amazing journey in front of you in the form of ROTC if you choose to pursue it, and I hope you will. The career it will lead to is incredibly challenging, rewarding, and exciting all at the same time. Stay focused, stay humble, and always remember what's led you to this path. Fair winds and following seas, and Fly Navy.
Best of luck in your future endeavors. Thank you so much for all that you have contributed over the past few years. You will be missed.
Your contributions in the forum have been greatly appreciated, and your expertise invaluable!

Wishing you fair winds and following seas, NOLA!
First person I followed, your information was so helpful to DS’s Journey!! To say you were helpful would be an understatement . Thanks for your time and wisdom. Good luck!
Thanks for the time you spent here. You were a voice of reason in what can be a anxiety filled process for applicants. Best of luck!
What do you think about coming up with some kind of end of tour award?
I'd nominate NavyNOLA for a Navy Cross, but I am generous like the AF. The Navy will probably nominate for a Com and award a NAM.

Navy Nola,
Your posts have been invaluable. Thank you for taking the time to help so many people navigate the NROTC process. You will be missed.
Good luck to you in your future endeavors.
Best of luck in all your endeavors. May every day be a CAVU day for you.
Many thanks for all the excellent help to our candidates, parents, and interested members!

Fair winds and following seas LT!!

NOLA, Thanks for the great gouge over the past few years. If you are going back to the fleet, I hope you received some good orders, hopefully back to flying the Hummer! If separation is in your future, best of luck with your job search or graduate school!
Congratulations to the end of this chapter NOLA and best of luck to you in the future!
Fair winds and following seas. Cheers and all the very best to you. Complete your journey with no regrets and wonderful memories!!