Internship and Camp Dates


Jul 18, 2019
If you get an internship in the summer you're supposed to go to camp, could you request to get a regiment that works around your internship dates? Or are you just out of luck?
I know one cadet who just did both this past summer. Pretty sure she went to the first camp and then immediately to her internship. So seems it can be done. In fact DS is hoping to do both this coming summer too. Good luck!
You should ask your Cadre how they handle summer slotting. Here at Clarkson we would try to work around any internships or training if possible. Another option would be to not go to camp until the following summer and be an end of camp commissionee if that internship is that critical.
for NROTC, you request your cruise dates in advance for summer trainng, and usually get the phase you want, allowing you to get an internship and also do your training
The cadet that I know did an army internship so they worked with her. Not sure if they would have been so accommodating for a civilian internship.
Clarkson is right. Always talk with your cadre. Unless your PMS is on this forum, he/she is the one to ask. If you are going NG/Reserve you stand a better chance to defer camp as the internship will help you get a civilian job.