Is the WCS still being used by the USMA?

Jun 9, 2017
In an older thread, I saw a WCS "rubric" per say listing the points allocated to an applicant when applying to the USMA. Is this still being used today? Sorry if the question seems ridiculous I'm quite new to the entire process. Thank you!

Also to be clear, this is the link of the WCS "rubric" I saw in question is -

Would this link still be valid in terms of the WCS as of 2017?
WCS is used and is the most important factor in admissions decisions for qualified candidates (other than being able to throw a 50 yard spiral).

The data used for the Rand report are about 15 - 20 years old. Only admissions knows how close the report is to current criteria, but it will certainly be similar. Weights for WCS calculation are as they have been for years: 60% academic, 30% leadership, 10% athletic.
The Whole Person Concept is still used at all service academies.

What no one can tell you is the exact formulas that are used. Each academy is slightly different and if I were a betting man I would say the listings in the RAND report have been modified since its release.

The report does give a good insight as to how the system works though. It is a good reference as you are looking at how things are accounted for by admissions.
It probably very similar to what West Point uses. The whole candidate score has proven to be working pretty good, so why change? So what, even if you know the exact formula for the whole candidate score, it won't give you any advantage. The admissions folks tells applicants to take the SAT multiple times. They give you the breakdown of the leadership scores, so you should be smart enough to understand that score pretty high on SAT and being a varsity athlete is better than spending majority of your time to become an all state in a sports. Suppose you figure out a way to maximize your whole candidate score. Well that's only a plan and turning your plan into reality is something you have to work at just like as if you will be working to improve yourself.

So, if you think about the advice given by the Admissions folks to take SAT/ACT multiple times, do what you can to improve your class ranking, play sports, seek leadership positions, and train for CFA is based the WCS.