It's always green, sunny and warm at West Point


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Aug 25, 2011
My Captain America explained to me that the weather was only nice when I was there--that it managed to be grey, cold and pretty much raining or snowing the other ten or eleven months of the year...
Great photo.
We used to spend late June through early August there. It was always so beautiful...hard to believe it is not like that all year long.


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Oct 31, 2008
I attended a surprise appointment presentation from that patio a few years ago. Pretty nice background for a presentation!

Seeing the sidewalk that runs beside the baseball field reminds me of the time when we were walking along on that sidewalk while there was a baseball game going on. We were looking at the game as we passed by. All of a sudden, the Army players stopped playing, took their caps off, turned towards the direction of the Supe's house and stood at attention. We were like - 'What is going on?' Then we realized Retreat was playing and the flag was being lowered. When that finished - game resumed. Cool moment.