Nov 25, 2018
Is it possible for me to take 2 languages while at the Academy? If I can I plan on taking French and Chinese since both are languages I already have foundations in.


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Jul 13, 2011
That is hard to say. It will depend on many things like major, validations, class load, performance, etc. Someting to discuss with your ac advisor when you get there and map out your major and course load.


May 22, 2018
Technically, yes, it’s possible for you to take two languages. But let’s dissect that a bit. Do you plan to major in Chinese? If so, you’d have a few electives that you could direct toward French. But not many. If you’re not planning to major in Chinese, then you’d have to take both languages via electives. Because the USNA curriculum is so heavily prescribed, there aren’t many elective slots over four years, so in this case you might take 2-3 classes per language at the most, due to availability and scheduling. So again, technically the answer is yes. But practically speaking, manage your expectations carefully.


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Jun 9, 2006
It's not about having a foundation in a language, it's about finding time in your schedule to take the classes. There are so many required classes of everyone at USNA and additional required/elective classes for your major. That, coupled with the fact that most upperclassman are already taking 18-21 hours per semester, doesn't allow a lot of "free" time in your schedule to pick up courses you'd just like to take (IMHO, one of the few downsides of a SA education).

Typically, there would be time for one language, not two. However, as Hoops noted, whether you can take one, two or zero will depend on a lot of things about your and your schedule that you don't yet know. There are also options at USNA to study abroad or just go abroad during the summer and, if you have language ability, that could allow you to go certain places that might o/w not be possible (sorry, Paris isn't one of them:)).