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    Basically I am wondering if letters of recommendation from current or former army aviators on my behalf would hold any weight on my OML score. I know they likely do not have any official effect on the branching formula for AD but I wanted to ask as I've heard they have a big impact for those looking to branch Aviation for the AR/NG (getting a letter of rec from a specific AR Aviation Unit for example). With a 3.1 GPA going into junior year I don't see myself as very competitive and I'm looking for any ways that could help improve my chances. Thanks very much.
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    For civilian colleges, admissions officers really emphasize that letters of recommendation from people who know you very well are what matter. Letters from “VIPs” such as local bigwigs, famous alumni, politicians, etc., who don’t really know you aren’t given much consideration. I’m guessing this same dynamic would go for an academy or ROTC.

    If said aviator doesn’t really know you — he/she happens to play golf with your uncle and has met you once — don’t think that’ll carry any weight.
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    For NG you would need to talk to the Aviation Brigade and see if they are accepting applications for LT Aviation officers, if they are then you will apply, take the SIFT, pass the flight physical, and sit for a review board. Talk to others that have applied to the same NG unit about what type of LOR's would be best.

    Those that apply for WOFT (Warrant Officer Flight Training) are required to have LOR's, most will visit an Aviation unit and talk to some of the pilots to get their LOR's, most do not really know these pilots but they will ask you a lot of questions and then write their LOR. The best thing to do if you are looking at NG Aviation is to get at least two LOR's from current pilots, try and get them from those that have been in for a while.

    Don't think that because your GPA is at 3.1 that you don't have a shot at AD Aviation. Branching is set up so that only 55% of those selected are from the upper OML and ADSO's, the rest come from the Branching Model which take people from all over the OML. The best thing you can do is to pass the SIFT with a 50 or higher so you can get your flight physical at Advanced Camp, pass your physical, and ADSO for Aviation. Make sure you put AV as your #1 choice.
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    The answer is no...