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Jul 17, 2008
Hello I just received a LOA from West Point and am wondering what my chances are of receiveing a LOA from Annapolis. Also does having a LOA make obtaining a nomination somewhat easier? Thank you for any light you can shed.
You definitely want your nominating sources to know that you have an LOA. You will likely find that they already know (ours did before we contacted them). Your MOC want to nominate someone who has an excellent change of receiving an appointment....therefore, having an LOA will only make your process easier. Imagine you are Senator X. You can put 10 names on your nom list...only your primary is a shoe in. Why wouldn't you put your LOA candidates in the other 9 slots? You want to go back to DC and be able to brag that everyone on your slate received an appointment. For example, the MOC who nominated my son had 9/10 on his list receive an appt...one just couldn't clear Dodmerb.
Congrats on your LOA to WP, bobcat!

Keep in mind that, at least for USNA, there are many more people who receive Appointments than just those who receive LOAs. (Out of a class of ~1500 offers of Appointment, only a small number, maybe 100-200, had LOAs.) Also, from our experience last year, do not expect to see any USNA LOAs go out until mid-September, or even later.
LOA is great! Congrats!!

2012mom is correct my S. did not get his LOA until early september. He was one of the early ones last year.
He is enjoying Plebe summer so far according to his letters. I had to call the Yard to give them our new address as we are moving and the lady transferred me to his company office. His CO picked up (yikes!! I thought I would get a clerk or something) She was great and said he was doing very well and was very focused. Knew his interests and said he was a leader. WAY cool!!:thumb:
Thank you everyone its good to know there are people out there who know answers to these questions.
Let me offer my congrats as well!

At least for our class year 2010...both West Point and USAFA were ahead of USNA in LOA's....We got a USAFA LOA in early August.....and West Point sent a 'preliminary query' at that time as well. ( Our girl had been accepted to their NASS, had made application to the school, but opted to go USNA only once her junior year ended) I recall West Point sent a letter telling her they were highly interested in her and was she still interested?? Not exactly an LOA but coming in July...we knew that she probably would have heard from them with the same results as the others.

Her USNA LOA came Oct. 4th - the 2nd round I recall. There were a few reported in September, the 3-4th weeks when USNA started the Admissions Board meetings for the Class of 2010.

So hang in there - STAY FOCUSED on the present! Having an LOA is wonderful but you still have to stay healthy, pass DoDMERB, get your Nomination, keep your grades up and stay in your leadership roles throughout senior year ahead. A tall order for some who find themselves tempted to amp down now that they know a Service Academy wants them.

God bless!
Peskemom is correct - Historically USMA will offer an LOA to a candidate the earliest of USNA, USMA and USAFA.
USMA looks at early LOA's as an "Academic" recruit. They have enough information in your file to already know that you are very highly qualified academically and I am willing to bet you have also showed them you have demonstrated some athletics and leadership ability as well. Congratulations.
Do not assume that getting an LOA from one academy will mean you will get an LOA or even an appointment to another academy.

One caution on an LOA and a nomination. Do NOT assume you will get a nomination or a primary nomination from your congressman. Apply to all 3 Members of Congress AND the Vice President. Especially if you don't qualify for a presidential or other service connected nomination.

Here's why - if you are applying to two or three academies - your Representative or Senator may make you choose. Or may choose not to nominate you at all and let Admissions "come up with" a nomination. If you apply to USNA and USMA and you have to choose - let's say you choose USNA and don't get a USMA nomination. What happens if there is a medical DQ looming and you get a waiver from USMA and not USNA? You will have no place to go.

The Vice President nomination is an academy "pick" from those who apply. If the academy really wants to appoint you and all your other nominations fall through - this could be your ace in the hole.
Leave nothing to chance.
I have applied for nominations from the Vice President, both of my state senators, and also from my congressional representative.
My son received his Navy LOA a couple of weeks ago. He has not yet heard from Army.
Francis, will your son be playing a sport on the Navy team?

My twin sons - recruited athletes got thier LOA yesterday.

The letter indicates all nominating sources are notified.

My twin sons - recruited athletes got thier LOA from USNA yesterday.

The letter indicates all nominating sources are notified.
Congratulations on the LOA to both gabridge and francis. Where do you live?
Track. Cross Country and Soccer

They are multi-sports with a dozen or so individual state championships.
My son got an LOA. :thumb: We are from eastern NC and his is not playing Navy Sports.....
Would all of you with an Loa mind posting your stats. I like to see exactly what the academies are looking for at such an early stage. Also, have you completed your applications already?
funtime...just so you know Dole and Burr do not announce their noms until @xmas and Jan. Burr does interviews, Dole does not. If you are in Butterfields district they also do not interview and they announce @ the same time frame.

None of them talk to each other so it is possible to get all 3 noms.