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Jun 24, 2008
Is everyone sending mail? You really should be mailing something everyday. You want your kids to have mail during mail call. The more the better. Keep it short, they're very tired and don't have alot of time. But if they know people at home are thinking about them, it helps.
Be encouraging, be supportive, tell them to take it one day at a time.

Remember white envelopes, patriotic stamps, no stickers, no perfume, no lipstick prints, no pictures in envelopes, no anything to call attention to them.
We have been copying pictures onto regular paper, of their graduation, vacations, kiddie stuff, and then writing notes on the back. So, they get a picture of home, but can toss it knowing we have the real deal here.
Yes, that's great because that's not technically a "picture".

Check out Walmart, Kmart, Dollar General for funny cards for days that you just don't have anything much to say.

Watch the newspaper for sports articles or any news from home you think they'd be interested in.

Readers Digest is always good for some "funnies".

Search online for quotes. This is a good one......

“I feel good when I feel bad because I think of how good I’ll feel when I feel good.”
Well, this has been all over CollegeConfidential and the webguy site; my kids' mail with the photocopies has been confiscated. Drat. Now, we're plain white all the time, paper and envelope. No comics, news articles, etc. Just mail, though I have sent a number of "surveys" for them to fill out and return (With a SASE, of course). They seem to like this since it is fast, they can write more if they want, and I get the impression of their joy or gloominess by their answers.
OH, I'm sorry. Things change from year to year and squad to squad. We do have some Basic moms in our club who have successfully gotten pictures printed on paper to their kids. The Cadre ask them to share with everyone and show them around. I haven't read CC lately, does it seem to be wide spread or hit an miss squads.
In the last 3 letters we received from our son, he requested we send him a couple of pictures of us; dad, mom, sister, and girlfriend. With letter writing taking so long in between responses, we didn't really have time to ask; "Are you sure you can have them?" So, he's asked in 3 different letters, so we sent him 3 pictures. If he's not allowed to have them, he will most definitely find out soon enough. However, my son is not one for pushing the rules, bending them, etc... He's been brought up in the military, knows exactly what he's getting into, and wouldn't have asked for them if he couldn't have them. As already mentioned, each squadron is different. Just like once BCT is over; some will be allowed cell phones immediately, some after parent's weekend, and some have had to wait until almost Thanksgiving. The worst that happens with my son is that they get confiscated, he does 1.235.353 push-ups, and gets chewed out royally. But, I trust him. If he asked for them, he must have been told it was OK.

This letter writing however is definitely slow and inefficient. Although, it's sort of nice to stick them to the fridge and re-read them at any time. Reminds me of 30 years ago when I went through basic. Al Gore hadn't invented the internet yet, so snail mail was all there was. It was indeed nice to receive stuff. Definitely write as often as you can. Later... Mike....
I just had to drop a quick few lines to all of you who frequent here! I have gotten so much advice from peeking in on occasion (okay, I admit I have been here more than just a few occasions) but I've been so interested in the Academy since my son wants to attend. He has wanted nothing but the AFA since the 8th grade. He will be a sophmore this fall.

I just love all the advice and ideas. I think when the time comes to do applications, interviews, etc- that we should be extremely prepared thanks to everything we've read! Hoping anyway.

Flyboy- I imagine he is gone now to basic. I have to read up to see but that journey of his was interesting indeed. I was so excited to see he was accepted! He had so much energy and hope. I was always curious about what the outcome would be.

I also frequent the CC as well. So I hope to get to know more of you through the process.

I especially enjoy all the posts and replies and advice from the parents.
Al Gore hadn't invented the internet yet, so snail mail was all there was

Thanks for the laugh...I am so old I remember him talking about that and how LOVE STORY was based on his roommate:eek:

I am also so old, I remember the 10 minute phone call, with the base operator listening in when Bullet was deployed for WTDs, also can still hear the operator saying 1 minute!

1st person who knows what a WTD is wins! (Christcorp, Zaphod, JustaWife, and anyone else AD in the 90's can't respond...that's just not fair!)
Weapons training deployment mostly to the Turkey. To the lick--loved the alley bought lots of gold there. (Sadat has a store at Ramstein now) That was '84, APO NY, 09283 or TJ. I google earthed it to show my daughter where she was born. Son can visit Luke AFB any time.

Al Gore's roomate was Tommy Lee Jones, the rumor was it was based on Gore. Gore swears not him.
Now JustaWife I said you couldn't play:shake:

Our DS googled earth for Upper Heyford...we were APO AE 09144...20 yrs later I can still tell you my british phone number 700389.

As far as Turkey...anybody who goes need to take their leather jacket with them to get the bloodchits. Also get a cartuche for the females in your life...just realize they do not have the letter girlfriend named Peggy, has a cartuche that says PIGGY!:eek:
Daughter sent a couple of letters to the girl she sponsored for orientation. Fencersmom I'm sorry they are taking the pix away. It will all depend on the Cadre and the Squadron though.

CC I'm sure if your son asked for them he has the OK too. It has been said before in other places, but sending them jokes helps too. The can use to break the tension and the cadre will solicit them for jokes.
I personally think I had one of the best assignments. "CNA"; AKA: "Camp New Amsterdam"; AKA: Soesterberg Air Base, Holland. I got there 1981-1985 and the F15's were pretty new there. What a Beautiful place to be. Of course, a tour to Holland wouldn't be complete without all the TDY's to Weathersfield UK, Lakenheath, Mildenhall, Bitburg, Rhein Main, etc..

Definitely thanks for the flashbacks and fond trip down memory lane. That is the number one thing I told my son. The Air Force is going to provide you with adventures and experiences that 95+% of people in the world can only dream about. Yes, defending and protecting the country,constitution, rights, citizens, etc... comes at a price; but that doesn't mean there aren't rewards. The only reason I retired when I did was because the kids were settled in school and doing well. I didn't want them to have to move again. My son; in BCT; was born in good old Torrejon Air Base, Spain. Right outside of Madrid. My daughter started school there. My daughter was born at Bergstron AFB, while I spent most of that tour in Central/South America. I am so happy for both my kids, and especially for the opportunities my son will have in the Air Force. I just wish I was 30 years younger. I WOULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!!! In a heart-beat. Later... Mike....
Pima you said 90s.

CC --I lived in the ROAKS for a time. CNA had the smallest BX I have ever seen. Only 1 four way rack of baby closes in '86. We also did the troop train to East Berlin that was really different.
JustaWife I hope you know I was joking!

I remember when we lived at Heyford, we had to go to Lakenheath to buy the crib for our DS1, b/c Heyford didn't have furniture...that was why Lakenheath was known as Little America! We lived with catalogues, anything you needed was bought via Sears, JC Penneys and remember there was no internet then:eek:

Christmas was always funny b/c wives would send the DHs present to one of their friends P.O. box so he couldn't get it if he picked up the mail, meanwhile if he did he thought oooh I know what my present is! Inevitably DH's were asking wives I saw a package from XYZ (typically golf stuff), but I don't see anything :frown:

Hey do they still put the letter yellow card in the mailbox for packages?

We were lowly lts. and spent our money on calling home (it was about $10 for a 3 min call)and flying back stateside(@600 a ticket in 89), but did the spend a week in Scotland golfing, Belgium (Brugge) and Italy trips. I also bought way too much china and crystal (curse at myself during every PCS since I am stuck unpacking them)

Okay back to the kids and mailing...I do want to hang @ for the next 20 yrs to read what CC's son writes about in his day, same with Hornet, Raimus and flyboy.

Trust me Kas in 4 yrs when your child goes to the AFA...all of the kids I just mentioned will say IN MY DAY WE DIDN'T HAVE....
Spelled clothes wrong, but did a shelf check there (CNA). Always did shelf check when on base any base. Yes, last year when DH was stationed at Ramstein they still gave cards for packages. For an 0-6 who didn't have a spouse around that ment he didn't pick up packages until Saturdays. (stayed in the US for son's senior year)

Being an O-6 sucks--needs of the AF. Below O-6 they would never move you with a senior in HS. Senior Officers have no real say in their assignments. It all about which General wants you and the one with the most stars wins. Sometimes you lose.

Funny thing he raised his hand to go to Iraq or some remote, they sent him to Ramstein.
Being an O-6 sucks--needs of the AF.

I laughed at that, b/c I have always told Bullet I am the mistress and he is married to the AF:biggrin:

For all of the cadets, candidate13, and future candidates...that is something you need to understand. The AF is your spouse if she says a hurricane is coming in and you need to take the jet to safety, you go! If she says we are deploying in 6 days (trust me, been there done that and have several clusters to prove go)

Here's my funny story:
Bullet comes home (we were at the Pentagon) and said AF MPC sent out a message they needed an AF F-15E Lt. Col. flyer with ALO experience to go to Afghanistan...the Pentagon laughed and said good luck finding it...well Bullet had all of squares, so he got tagged to leave in 2 weeks for 120 +/-... a few days later he got re-tagged to go to Iraq. The comical part is the 1st base was pronounced something akin to sh*tter, and then he was being sent advon to Qatar. Bullet said he was kicked from the Sh*tter to the Gutter!

Welcome to the AF you go where you are needed and salute sharply!

The only thing that changes is what your family members send in your mail. Baby wipes for the dessert, homemade cookies for Germany! (The heat will melt the cookies when you ship to Iraq

Parents always be aware of the temps when you makes a difference!
I.E. an AE will eventually go through JFK, if you are from the west coast it will go JFK, to Ramstein or Lakenheath/Mildenhall and re-routed to the base. It can sit in a warehouse for days before going to the next leg. This is true for an AP if you're from the east coast it will go to San Fran and then main stiagng areas.

My favorite...Shipping a car can take 6 weeks! If you are stationed in the is shipped to Germany 1st, than the UK! Our friends went from AK to Germany...the car was shipped to Seattle, put on another vessel to SF, than on a tractor trailer to VA, and shipped out from there. 6+ weeks!