March Appointments


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Jun 9, 2006
I've heard through the grapevine that March appointments to the CGA are coming out this weekend. Good luck to all the candidates! :thumb:
So do you think they will arrive this weekend or be mailed? Thanks.
I've heard through the grapevine that March appointments to the CGA are coming out this weekend.

I heard that rumor as well.

I also heard that they expect to have all offers out in the next two weeks.

Atlanta Dad - I don't think CGA has online notifications.

For those waiting, don't stress :eek: if you don't receive a 'fat envelope' from CGA on the same day you see others post good news. For Dec 07 EA, many received on 12/15; but a second round went out a week later. I did get a call from CGA Admissions Office on 12/21 because they wanted to be sure I knew before Christmas :smile:. The envelope arrived at my house on Christmas Eve.

Good luck to all :thumb:

(sound of crickets chirping)
Hello? It's so quiet in here.
We are a western Maryland family with a son hoping to join the CGA ranks. Some of you may know me from the other site, CC. I thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves here, too.
Still waiting. And hoping. :smile:
Waiting and hoping is half the fun.

Have you been up to New London to see the campus yet?
Ditto. We are all on pins and needles awaiting a decision. Still have a waiver issue to contend with and are waiting for the good news before subjecting son to testing.
Good luck :)
been waiting for a while, esp since my early action was never sent in on time because of my councilor...
soon as i get word, good or bad, i'll post it
the waiting is killing me
Line, son and hubby visited the campus last Sept. Son was sold! Hopefully our next trip up there will be to drop him off for awhile, a long while...:smile:.
Luigi, your confidence is inspiring and just the boost we need right now! Thank you so, so much!
Shellz & rjcuga, we're all in the same boat! Keeping everyone in thoughts and prayers, shellz, will keep my fingers crossed for the waiver issue...It's a new day, and another chance for mail. :smile:
It's a great campus with a very painful summer weatherwise. No AC, some get ready for an oily stinky son. The place really smells like Swabs in the summer.

Just remember, they may promise you 10 mins of goodbye time with your son, but that will end up being 1 min or 30 sec.

All this waiting makes it so much sweeter once it happens.
WHEN I WAS A CADET, WE DIDN'T HAVE AIR CONDITIONING! And we had to DOUBLE TIME uphill both ways to class.
Now you know how I feel waiting to hear from the detailers about my next assignment. Everytime I get a call, I'm thinking "shoot, this is it, wonder what I got..." and then the call holding on extension

I know I won't be afloat, which I am happy about enough, and my girlfriend is thrilled about. I'm hoping I get DC. Do my work, get some post-grad education in.

We shall see. So, we're all in the same boat here (very appropriate phrase on the Coast Guard thread). You're waiting to find out about college, and I'm waiting to find out about my next assignment. It won't come in the mail (well the orders will), I'm waiting on a phone call, which will probably coem to my cell phone.

We were told today that no decision had been made yet on our son and that it would be another two weeks. Dang. Does anyone know how to contact the NAPS admissions and see what status is there?

Congratulations to the class of 2012 heading to New London. Best wishes to those still waiting for good news. My son has just sent in his paper work declining his offer of appointment to the USCGA and the USNA. As the May 1 deadline to accept or decline approaches, more openings will become available. Both are excellent institutions with awesome opportunities. Don't give up.