Minuteman Scholarship Decision Release Dates

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by console6, Aug 9, 2016.

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    Hi there,
    So my son has recently applied for the Minuteman Scholarship, he does ROTC at Drexel and will be an MS2 this fall. I just want to know when the decisions for this scholarship are supposed to be released. His scholarship packet was sent up last Monday, and I was wondering if he will get his decision at the same time as every other applicant or earlier than that. Also, if he will get his decision at the same time as all the other applicants, when will that be? The deadline for this year is August 15th if that helps to give a timeline. I know this is a new scholarship and a lot of information really isn't available, but any help is appreciated.

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    What is his cadre telling him?

    My understanding is these are first come, first served at this point, so if his Battalion submitted him for the scholarship he may get an offer as soon as the request can be processed. And I could be totally wrong, and your ROO/HRA/someone at the program should be able to give a better answer.
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