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May 23, 2008
According to the Naval Academy's website, the 2009 Summer Seminar application will open Sunday, February 1 at 8:00am EST. There goes my plan to apply at midnight :shake:
same! o well...I'll be up and ready! :shake:
Falcongirl was just going to copy my brilliant plan, time to go to bed so I can get up in 5 hours!
all done!

even sent my sports recruiting app in for Cross Country. OORAH!
me too!

what sessions did you all select as "definately attend"? unfortunately, I can ONLY make it to the 2nd session!
I applied for the 1st or 2nd session. Either way I'll still be in school, but I'm willing to miss school to attend the summer seminar :)
yeah I'll be missing my last week of school. Its just that I've been accepted to West Point's for the 1st Session, and Air Force's for the 3rd. And I want to go to all three : )

My son arranged to take finals a week early so he could make it to the 3rd session. Our District and State track meets are always during the first two sessions. So even though he selected the 3rd session as the only option, he still got in. He says it was worth it cramming in all of the end of year projects and tests to be there.
Some additional information for this thread pulled down from the BGO website:

  • The Naval Academy Summer Seminar (NASS) is available online as mentioned. The target audience is high school juniors.

  • This is a great opportunity to visit USNA and gain an understanding about life as a midshipman.

  • Candidates should not be discouraged if not selected. Attendance at NASS in no way guarantees an Offer of Appointment to USNA and conversely not being selected for NASS will in no way hinder a candidate's chances for admission. Candidate Guidance Office is pretty open in stating the primary goal of NASS is to expose students from under-represented areas around the country.

  • Applying for NASS also serves as a Preliminary Application for the Class of 2014.

  • There will be three sessions in 2009:
    [*]May 30 - June 4
    [*]June 6 - June 11
    [*]June 13 - June 18​
Mine was dated April 11, 2008- I went to NASS session II. AWESOME EXPERIENCE! also definitely recommend CVW- much different (shows you more of what life will really be like) and also AWESOME experience! And, I received my appointment on the 17th of December :) Good luck to everyone who is starting the application process and stick with it :)
Just a quick question,

The response I got back said that they usually try to respond in a rolling admissions sort of process, so does anyone know when the responses for the 8 am applicants come out? If not, I'll just be fine waiting until April if needed, I was just a little curious.

I applied right when it came online (I stayed up all night) and did not hear anything until April- I do live in CA so that may have had something to do with it.
To usnahopeful which class are u?

i live in CA too so approximately how many from CA got into NASS?