Need advice from ROTC recruiting officers


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Jan 27, 2017
I know it's been asked before but some of the info I've read is old or the situation is different than ours and we need some solid advice.

4 year ROTC scholarship as been awarded and to begin fall 2017.

Dodmerb form was filled out 9 months ago for SA's but he was not honest on drug use. He used mj 2 times, 5 years ago. It was so long ago, and he has never done it again and he was afraid to admit it on the form (he was barely 17 at the time he filled out the Dodmerb form).

At this stage of the game, is the Dodmerb form the only one he would have filled out with that question (I didn't see that question on the ROTC scholarship app. and he wasn't asked in the interview). And more importantly, how does he rectify the situation? Will he lose his scholarship if he is honest from this point forward?
I can't tell you what will happen to his scholarship if he is honest from this point forward, but I'm sure I can tell you what will happen to his scholarship if (when) it is found out he has lied from this point forward. I know for my DS, somewhere in the process, there was a drug use statement form. I believe he filled that out before it was awarded, as part of the application process. His was for NROTC, but I imagine all branches have this form, as well as the SAs. That's one of the problems with lies, remembering what you told to who, when and how. Best of luck to your DS; hopefully he can successfully explain and rectify this mistake. Unless someone else has better advice, I'd say the best place for him to start with rectifying this is the freshman advisor at the unit where his scholarship has been placed.
I second ProudDad17. It would be best to rectify this as early as possible. DS NROTC unit had a form which included a drug use statement which he filled out upon arrival. If the unit has such a thing it may be possible to rectify it then. Best bet is to contact the freshman adviser or any other officer at the unit for guidance on how to go about this.
Thank you for your advice. I do see the question on the Navy application but not on the Air Force or Army application. I believe honesty is the best policy also, just not sure how to direct him to go about it now. Maybe try to address it in person, at orientation this month or just be honest when he fills out the forms when he reports? If he loses his scholarship, he would still want to join rotc in hopes that he can prove himself and eventually commission as an officer.
Agree with the others.

This is the best time to attempt to rectify this. Imagine the pain if 2 years into the scholarship, he were to be disenrolled and would have to pay back the funds!

Is this AROTC or AFROTC?
I would have your DS reach out to the Army ROO at the school your DS is attending via email to start. Have him request an appointment to meet face to face; either at the orientation or even before that. Then he should explain the misrepresentation on DoDMERB in a straight forward manner, without mincing words.

Obviously, this needs to be handled by your DS with no involvement by parents or others. Regardless of how the chips fall, he will learn and grow from the experience. The ROO, along with the PMS will have a great deal of influence on the outcome of this matter. Your son's approach, attitude and remorse will have a great deal of impact on the outcome.

Good luck!
Your son will have to fill out the CC 139-R (AROTC enrollment form) once arriving on campus. One of the questions on the form is prior drug use. If MJ use was twice, 5 yrs ago, then it won't be an issue.
Thank you @MohawkArmyROTC . I was hoping you would show up! It will be more than 5 years ago by the time he reports. Such a stupid mistake, so many years ago. He had no idea at the time how this could affect him, until we found out and made it crystal clear for him :blowup:. Obviously proud of him today, but this is scary.
Mohawk is right that limited experimental use more than 6 months is no big deal, but the issue here is 139r won't match DODMERB medical history form. There is a good chance this won't even get noticed, but there is probably a program out there that would think that's a disqualifier. I know many people are going to disagree with me, but I would recommending not listing two times, 5 years ago on the 139r if that is the only time.
What happens if later on, form SF86 background checks uncovers the use? (Unlikely?)
I was hoping that mohawkarmyrotc and clarksonarmy would give the same advice. I feel like it's better to take the chance, coming clean early on, than to live a lie and worry that it may come back to bite him later.