Need Some Application Help and Vocab Clarification Please

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Rupre07, Sep 11, 2013.

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    So I'm obviously new here, and I would appreciate it if some of you clarified a few things about the scholarship.
    1. Off topic but what does DS stand for, who are you referring to?
    2. What IS the guidance counselor feedback? Is it a form sent to him/her? What's it's purpose in the application as a whole?
    3. Once my PFA is received and my interview completed, I've heard that there may still be the yellow icon on status, at this time will I be eligible by board review?
    4. Is there a board every month? And how do they inform me of their decision?
    5. What happens if you get the scholarship, but your first-choice defers you while your second choice accepts you.
    Sorry for all the questions everyone, just want to really know what I'm doing so I don't mess up my chances. Thanks in advance.
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    DS - Dear Son
    Guidance Feedback form is sent to the e-mail of your guidance counselor. Serves to clarify information you put down and perhaps to request a transcript.
    Status will change to green once all information/items have been received. There had been a glitch with this, but I believe it is fixed now.
    First board end of October - not sure how they inform-there is a post on this someplace on here. (lists the board dates)
    There is a way to ask to transfer the scholarship.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Strength and Honor

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    1. Dear Son, idk why we use that hahaha :shake:
    2. A form that Cadet Command sends to your counselor to confirm the information you have put in.
    3. Yes as long as everything is you'll make the first board. My status just changed to green and I've had my interview done for almost a month!
    5. You can transfer the scholarship, but be expecting to use it for any college you list.
  4. EDelahanty

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    All good questions - no need to apologize, so feel free to keep asking. None of us showed up here with all the answers, and I am still learning. (stupid questions are welcome too, by the way. They're what some folks live for).

    4. Here's a link to AROTC board dates for 2013-2014, courtesy of the Golden Knights Battalion (Clarkson U. et al). The first board date is October 21. Generally, boards will issue offers beginning a week or two after the board date, though this may vary.

    5. You will likely have 30 days within which to accept the scholarship. Do not miss this deadline. The answer above by Strength and Honor is not entirely correct. You can later request a transfer to a school which has admitted you, but the transfer is not guaranteed. Factors which will reduce the probability include (but are not limited to): (1) whether the proposed transfer school is in the same AROTC brigade and (2) whether it is more expensive than the school to which the scholarship has been rewarded. This subject has been discussed at great length in the past and will be revisited later in more detail.
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    Just to clarify, just because you ask for a transfer doesn't mean the Army has to grant the request.
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    I thought it was DARLING SON:shake: LOL
  7. clarksonarmy

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    The Cadet Command does not have to honor your transfer request. That's why they call it a request.
  8. Jcleppe

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    There are three boards, Oct., Jan., Mar.

    The first indication that you received a scholarship will your status page.

    You will then receive an official letter about a week after the status page changes, this letter will tell how many years and which schools. No scholarship offer is official until you receive the letter from Cadet Command, even if your status page has changed.

    If you are not awarded a scholarship by the board your status page will not change and remain the same until the next board. Cadet Command does not inform you that you did not get selected after each board.

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