No Nomination


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Mar 29, 2016
I did not receive a nomination to USAFA. Has there been any documented cases where the academy gives out late nomination to highly desired candidates or candidates receiving an open slot from a different district/state?
If you have LOA, they will find a way to get you a nomination.
Did you apply for a VP nom? This would be one way to get a nom if your MOCs did not give you one.
I'm in the same boat, I'm from Colorado and didn't get a nomination to USAFA even though I'm a reapplicant with a 34 ACT, 4 years varsity sports, 4 varsity letters, NHS, full time job, etc etc. Hoping that people have some success stories they can share.
I know of one young man who got a very late nom (March!) and then a late appointment (May 3rd or so). It can happen, but I believe under very special circumstances, and one should never even consider it
I'm a US citizen (from Virginia) living in Ireland. No one else is applying from Europe this year I think. Even though I'm applying from abroad I still had to compete for a Virginia District 4 nomination. I applied to them all, but unfortunately didn't receive one from either senator or congressman. Still waiting for the VP nomination decision though.
Always next year though