NROTC Application Status


Jan 13, 2017
I was wondering if anyone knows what this status means:


Application has been submitted online Your electronic application has been received and is being processed ...
Your application is at CNRC for additional processing ...


Every thread I've seen with the same status also contains a list of missing items, however, there is not one for me; all documents are turned in, etc. I emailed a few days ago about needing to submit my Fall transcript and an interview with an officer from my NROTC unit (before NROTC due date in January), although I have already submitted an interview with an officer (not from the school I attend). I am also under the impression that these two things will not hinder my application from going before the board, but the "additional processing" status is worrying me.

Thank you.
So this is what I'm understanding: you still need your interview and transcripts sent and everything else is complete. If this is the case did you run your audit for the application, file your PDF copy and submit the application? This action need to take place before you would see what you're asking about. If you did I recommend emailing your coordinator and ask for guidance. I could be completely off track so look for more feedback.
When yo do get around to the interview do it as soon as possible, especially if your Navy option. Boards are about to begin and scholarships are about to be awarded. There is no advantage to waiting. The deadline is the final date to even be considered, not the date when they begin to review applications.
Hello- We have the same "Application has been submitted online Your electronic application has been received and is being processed ..." but nothing under the additional items required. My son did his Officer Interview at the NROTC school he would like to attend. His recruiter told him that he did very well, was the Captain's first choice to date. This is all new to us, no other military in our family. He has been told he is very competitive. When will people be notified if they are chosen by early boards? Anyone know when the September board meets?
I think they hear within 2-4 weeks if they have been selected. If they are not selected, they are automatically rolled over to the next board and there is no notification. Keep in mind that, as a result, you may not hear one way or the other until April. I assume your son applied Navy Option. If he applied Marine Option there are only 2 boards, Nov and Feb/Mar.