NROTC colleges


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Jan 5, 2020

Im currently a sophomore in high school with a 3.3 GPA and im very interested in the NROTC program i play football , help serving people in need with my church and im also trying to join some-sort of club. just a normal kid not smart but i always get the job done, i never give up ( even if its math😢)

my question is do NROTC cadets need to do a sport ? are they even allowed to do sports?, because i feel like the nrotc is already a sport with all the exercises they do.
another question is what nrotc colleges will fit me best because i live in jersey and im still not sure where to go.

need some opinions.


Oct 17, 2019
You are not required to do a sport and I am not aware of any restrictions on cadets playing sports.


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Oct 21, 2010
Sports are good while in high school and will help an application to any ROTC program or Service Academy. Sports require discipline, hard work, team work, and can offer leadership opportunities. ROTC programs, including NROTC, do not require participation in a sport while in the program. I know midshipmen who participated in intramural sports for fun and I've known midshipmen who do not participate in any sports. There are also midshipmen who play D1 sports but I only know them through this forum.


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Jun 26, 2019
Our DS does Taekwondo, no school sports. He earned a 4 year NROTC and his 1st choice is Norwich, north of you in Vermont. They also offered him 4 years room and board. Good luck to you.


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Nov 3, 2016
If you are speaking of sports in college, yes you can participate at that level, but are not required to. Sports in college is generally on three levels, varsity, club and intramural (IM). Playing a varsity sport while attending classes and participating in NROTC would be challenging, but it can be done. Even participating at the club level might prove difficult. IM level sports are more of a rec league thing and often do not entail a lot of practice time, depending on your team. They are meant to be fun leagues and often have off the wall fun sports like quidditch, inner-tube water polo, as well as more traditional sports. Often an NROTC unit will form teams for IM sports.

I'm guessing from your post that math may be a challenging subject for you. Keep in mind that all NROTC midshipmen must complete a year of calculus and a year of calculus based physics in college in order to commission. You are a sophomore in HS now, so you have time to work on those skills if you need to.