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Feb 3, 2021
I am a little confused about the basis of the ISR. I completed my NROTC application and my recruiter sent me papers for the ISR. I filled them out and sent them in for processing. Typically, from what I have heard is that anyone offered this usually gets the scholarship, is this true? Also, I have sent the schools' admissions office I am applying to that I have been offered this scholarship, does that help with admission any? Thanks.


Mar 27, 2018
Our son received an ISR and he did subsequently receive his NROTC Scholarship. The Navy will let the schools you've applied to know when you receive the scholarship.


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Oct 21, 2010
Virtually guaranteed unless some unknown surprise appears in your paperwork. Of course you still have to get through DoDMERB and successfully complete the PFT in order to actually have scholarship benefits kick in.


Nov 3, 2016
DS was selected for an ISR in 2017. Each recruiting district has their own process for how they select ISR recipients and each district has only a limited number of ISRs they can award. All ISR recipients have to be interviewed personally by the CO of the recruiting district and have his endorsement. Some districts will decide who they want to award the ISRs to before notifying the candidate. Other districts will hold a competition for the ISRs, where the CO will interview more candidates than he/she has ISRs then decide who to award them to. Once awarded an ISR, your application will be sent to Pensacola for review by the selection board and placement at a university. The review by the selection board is just to verify the application is complete and that the candidate meets the requirements for the scholarship and the ISR.

Looking for some official documentation of the requirements and process for the ISR, I found this:

It is from 2014, but seems to capture what DS was told when he received his ISR. The portion dealing with ISRs starts on pg 7 and does through pg 12. Here are a couple highlights:

1. The NROTC ISR Program is designed to allow NAVCRUITDISTs to aggressively compete in specific market areas. The ISR Program is open to all individuals (regardless of race or gender). ISR scholarships should be used only in cases where specific market objectives can be realized or where an outstanding candidate would otherwise be lost to other scholarship opportunities.

2. Must be in top 20% of class

3. SAT score of 1230 Composite and 600 math (I'm sure this changed with the new SAT scoring) or ACT of 54 combined and 26 in math

Congrats is you have already been offered the ISR and good luck if you are still waiting for it to be offered. Have you had your interview with the recruiting district CO yet?


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Jun 21, 2020
Typically, from what I have heard is that anyone offered this usually gets the scholarship, is this true?
My Scholarship Coordinator told me something very similar to this when he called to nominate me for the ISR back in November.

From my experience, yes, it's true. I had a weird series of events where I was nominated for the ISR, had a great interview (to the tune of the Naval Recruiting District CO telling me I "possessed all the qualities to become an outstanding Naval Officer"), but ended up not being selected for the scholarship. Following that bizarre twist of fate, my Scholarship Coordinator put my package in to Pensacola and I got picked up on the first board I was eligible for in early Jan.

Moral of the story is that if you've been nominated for the ISR, you're definitely competitive and have a great shot at receiving a NROTC Scholarship, even if the ISR doesn't work out. So, congratulations on your ISR nomination! Nothing's guaranteed (especially with DODMERB in the mix), but you're in a great spot right now.

Best of luck to you during your interview as well! Feel free to DM me if you have any questions about what types of things are asked.