nrotc 4 year

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    NROTC 4 year vs 3 year odds?

    Hi again, I am currently a high school junior who is going to apply for the nrotc scholarship. I’ve read last year that they decreased the amount of 4 year scholarhships. Is this true? I am only asking because I don’t come from a wealthy family and these out of school states would cost way to...
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    NROTC Scholarship and Reapplication to USNA

    Hello, I have a question regarding the reapplication process to USNA and the acceptance of an NROTC scholarship. I am currently applying to the Naval Academy for the class of 2024. If I don't get an appointment, my plan B is to apply for a 4-year NROTC scholarship and reapply to the Naval...
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    Chance of receiving NROTC MO scholarship co/2024?

    Hey everyone, I am trying to earn the NROTC MO scholarship, as a senior in high school applying to multiple colleges. I am aware that the number of recipients for the scholarship are extremely low compared with the number of applicants (14%), and I am not sure where I stack up with the other...
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    NROTC Scholarship Failure

    I just got my rejection letter in the mail. At the time of applying I was valedictorian of my highschool class with a 3.98/4.0 GPA, 1280 SAT, 30 ACT. I am in Varsity sports for two years and am in many clubs with many leadership positions. I thought my interview went well and my PT is slightly...
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    NROTC chances???

    Hi everyone! I applied in late October for the NROTC scholarship and have been freaking out about it ever since... my test scores are as follows: SAT- 1160 composite, 550 Math 610 R&W ACT- 29 composite Weighted GPA- 5.02 on a 4.0 scale I’m also involved in varsity athletics, National Honor...
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    Immediate Selection Review NROTC Scholarship

    Good morning. We were told in November that our DS had been selected for the 4-yr NROTC scholarship by "Immediate Selection Review" from the chief petty officer and the Captain who interviewed him in our area. I can't find anything about Immediate Selection Review on this portal or even in the...