I got word that I had received the NROTC scholarship in early December and the phone call was pretty short just congratulation me on what I had received. My portal wasn't updated up until today and I was excited to see that the official word had been decided that I was a recipient. I just have a few questions.

1.) During the phone call the captain said that it didn't matter what schools I put in my original top 5, that as long as I got into a school with NROTC that I could use my scholarship there, but on my portal, it says that I have been placed at the University Of Florida. Is this still changeable?

2.) On my portal, there is no mention of ISR anywhere. It says, "You have been selected for a National NROTC Scholarship Navy Option scholarship." Is this just what it says even though I received the ISR or did I also receive the National Board scholarship as well. Just want to make sure that one is not overriding the other and that nothing goes wrong in the future.
To answer your first question, you can change your school, contact your NROTC regional coordinator. Took me about 5 minutes to change my number one choice to my number two.

Go Dores!

1) From the website:
"If you have been awarded an Navy ROTC scholarship and have questions about placement or if you have a school change request:

1.800.NAV.ROTC Option 3, Ext. 8,9
Contact the Navy ROTC Unit Placement Office:

2) You didn't receive the ISR. You received the National NROTC scholarship through the ISR process vs competing at the national board.

And of course, Congratulations!
It took over a month for my daughter's ISR to show up on her portal. We had to call the local office where she intereviewed a couple of times and politely ask about the status.