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    Hello ladies and gentlemen. This post deals with the same issue I've previously posted in the PLC section forum about a week ago. I'm a freshman in college and it's become my goal to receive a commission in the marine corps. I've been debating between PLC or NROTC next semester. The issue remains the same: three years ago while playing basketball I had a bankhart lesion which required shoulder surgery. My shoulder never dislocated, the doctor performed an arthroscopic surgery and left some anchors in there. I've talked to a marine recruiter and I seemed in all other aspects qualified (for PLC). The fitness standards remain the same regardless of the commissioning source but the waiver authority changes. I have a doctor's note saying I am qualified for military duty and have full range of motion, I have no problem doing pull ups. I'm a bit worried, I talked to an ex meps doctor who said I'd never see a day of military service since they tightened up the standard (due to shoulder injuries), especially since the military is shrinking in size. Other current marines said I shouldn't worry. Everyone's situation is different, do cadets usually receive shoulder waivers in NROTC? Am I better off trying another branch who might waive this particular injury? Is shoulder instability corrected by surgery an automatic DQ with near zero chance of waiver?
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    See this:

    Given that Larry Mullen didn't immediately reject OP's request suggests that the chances for a waiver are better than 0. Given that none of the posters reported happy news suggests that the chances are much less than 1. First thing to do is get letters from MD's and coaches.

    Also search this site for "shoulder subluxation". It's very common and yes, waivers have been given, but they are far from automatic.

    Best of luck!

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