Plc review (I am back)

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    Hey all, I’m finally back from plc. The experience was a grueling one but also a rewarding experience.
    For those that will be attending soon, come in prepared.
    1.It’s almost impossible to prepare for plc fully, once you get there, the sergeant instructors will crush you. They will yell at you and you will get smoked for the most stupidest things but you just need to deal with it.
    2. Blouse your boots roll up your sleeves and make your bed in time, failure to do so gets everyone punished.
    3. Pt there is tough. The SIs are all in great shape and if you fall out of a long run, your peers look down on you which can cause bad evaluations.
    4. You will take two pfts, one in the beginning one towards the end. I usually score around a 295 but getting there the feeling was different and I scored a 260. The second time I scored a 240 and that was after dealing with all the bs from the instructors.
    5. Get comfortable being uncomfortable, it was hot in quantico, you will sweat in uniform and it makes you feel disgusting.
    6. Be a good leader and adapt and improvise. You won’t really have a chance to interact with the people at plc in the beginning so the only way to show your a good leader is by demonstrating your skills, try your best.
    7. Integrity violations are easy to get and you can get them for really stupid things. A candidate got one for accidentally bringing in an mre and that screwed us over.
    Go in there with a positive mind and stay relaxed. Don’t worry to much let things roll.
    Those 6 weeks sucked but I’m still alive and I’m a better person.
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    Nice writeup.

    I live a couple miles from the main gate and can vouch for the weather.

    We had a long heat wave, four week drought, and a couple periods of daily rain.
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    Good summary Angus.

    I got a kick out of your closing comment:
    That is a great summary for a lot of USMC training courses. ;)
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    Congratulations! You'll find you already have a better idea and attitude for part 2 (I'm assuming you attended PLC juniors or whatever they call it). My DS, an NROTC midshipman, mentioned that the PLC seniors were a big help to him when he arrived for Bulldog as they were already familiar with Quantico and squared away. Good luck on your future endeavors.
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    " will sweat in uniform and it makes you feel disgusting."

    Since most US Marine Corps installations worldwide are in relatively warm places, as a Marine you'll sweat a lot in uniform regardless where you're at. I remember returning to the US after a year of heat & humidity in Okinawa and finding Camp Pendleton to seem (Southern California; 75-80 degrees daily) relatively chilly. Like anything else, you get used to it.
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