Plebe Summer Thoughts


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Feb 20, 2016
Plebe Summer is what your DD/DS make of it. There are those who cried at night and actively despised it and there are those who tried to make the best of it and tried to have fun with the experience. The most important thing is buying into the whole thing, like buying into the idea of putting others before themselves, buying into the whole "Detailers training Plebes" thing, etc.

In addition to seeing the positive side, DD/DS are going to be with their companymates for a long time, barring love chits, etc. They will see their sister companymates around Bancroft Hall too (the other platoon in the same Plebe Summer alphabet companies), so they are also good to know.

Plebes are required to write home by 3 July (tomorrow). When you write to them:
- encourage/remind them to help their Shipmates in every way they can,
- tell them don't badmouth detailers, etc in the bathroom/locker room/etc - they can hear and DD/DS will suffer,
- and always be supportive of their Shipmates

Remind them no matter how weak-looking, ugly (everyone is ugly during PS), spoiled, stupid, know it all ish, etc a person is, put aside their judgement and remember that all of them chose to attend this great institution, to willingly join the U.S. military even when tons of people criticize the very nature of military service, to go to a school where they won't get the freedoms and fun of a civilian school, but all this is because they all chose to challenge themselves and better themselves. Sure, some people need more improvement than others, but they are all in it together.

I recommend asking/reminding them to make the time to write back as much as they can.