1. A

    How important are learning rates?

    Former service academy grads, how important are memorizing your rates during PS? How often are you questioned, how are you questioned, and what does the punishment look like for not knowing them? Any other knowledge regarding rates would be great!
  2. U

    Current Female CO 2024 - It's that time again! Ask me anything!

    Hey guys! It's me again - I've posted on this forum before, probably 2 or 3 months ago, and answered any questions that y'all had about West Point, R-Day, being a plebe, etc. I figured it was probably time for another one, considering so many of you are receiving your appointments, or are...
  3. K


    Don't mean to complain, but sometimes the cadre do questionable things regarding plebe life. Would sometimes like to discuss things with the PC's CX's and CC's (going up the chain of command respectively) except that they are often unapproachable, can appear "two-faced" playing "favorites" when...
  4. T


    Anybody got experience not making a sports team? What options do you have if you don't make the team? Any opportunities to be a manager or be allowed to practice with the team in order to make it next year? Anything helps, I'm worried I won't get to play.
  5. T

    Upcoming Final Day Advice

    Appointee travelling solo here. Will be staying in a hotel close to the academy a day early (at least). Any advice on how to treat the very last day or 2? Obviously get sleep, eat, physical exercise, etc. Extra sleep? Go for a walk and explore? Extra math practice? TV? Last meal advice (heard...
  6. D

    Good Mentality to Have Especially During Plebe Year?

    Perhaps a weird question. Any advice on how to survive plebe year? This is often said to be the hardest academy to graduate from. How do you stay sane? Is there any time at all to relax and recharge, even just briefly? Maybe occasional visits NYC? I know plebes/MIDN are extremely busy and that...
  7. S


    Hello all, I am currently a freshman and re-applicant to USNA attending a 4 year university in California and I am enrolled in our school's NROTC program. I have molded my schedule around what a plebe at USNA might take, including Calculus, Chemistry (with lab), and an English Comp. class and...
  8. J

    A-Day Schedule And Information

    Hi everyone. I am a cadet reporting Monday. I know A-Day will be the first chance to get to see loved ones after CBT and that there will be a parade that day; however, I haven’t come across much information besides that. Does anyone know if there is free time to visit with loved ones? For...
  9. PapaMedic

    Wisdom Teeth Wisdom?

    Can anyone shed light on the need to have wisdom teeth removed prior to reporting for I-day or NRTOC? My nephew who is an active duty submariner advised having my DD's wisdom teeth removed even if they were not giving her any problems, because several of his buddies were "told" that the Navy...
  10. M

    Date of Plebe Parent Weekend for 2019

    Hello. Where I worked has just instituted some crazy rules for asking for time-off. Because of that I am trying to figure out when the Naval Academy has the Plebe Parent Weekend this summer . . .2019. I looked on the website and don't seem to be able to find it. Anyone here know what...
  11. AJH27

    How can I Improve my odds in Middle School?

    Hi, I am currently an eighth grader and I have been seriously thinking of aiming for West Point for a couple of years now. I have had two cousins graduate from The Point, one of which is a general in the army right now, so I am kinda familiar with the application process. But, anyway, I was...
  12. N

    USNA Varsity Swim Team Question

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone on these forums is/was on the varsity swim team at the Naval Academy, or if you know someone that is/has been on the team. I'm just wondering if anyone knows how many people walk on the swim team each year, and how many people try out for sports (If I'm...
  13. S

    Dark Ages January 2017

    So the mids are back for Semester 2, and the "dark ages" are here. My question is: What can we do as parents , if anything, to help cheer our plebe up during the dark ages? The first week of classes just ended, and mine has already commented about sleep deprivation this soon in the new...
  14. R

    Plebe Q/A

    I remember how helpful threads like this were last year as they allowed me the opportunity to ask questions regarding topics that ranged from admissions to living conditions. So, as I have a little free time, I thought I would create a thread so that anyone who has a question can potentially ask...
  15. ktnatalk

    Plebe Summer Thoughts

    Plebe Summer is what your DD/DS make of it. There are those who cried at night and actively despised it and there are those who tried to make the best of it and tried to have fun with the experience. The most important thing is buying into the whole thing, like buying into the idea of putting...
  16. E

    Leaving my Girlfriend before R-Day

    I know there has been a lot stated on relationships and West Point, but couldn't find an answer for my specific question that I assume many experience. I know I have to break up with my girlfriend. It doesnt make sense to continue our relationship when I will see her only a couple of times a...
  17. U

    Plebe restrictions

    So I know there's restrictions when it comes to phones. My question is, what is the policy for phones, facebook, skype, or any other form of communication through your computer such as google hangouts? I also understand that it changes throughout the first two terms, but what is it in those...
  18. U

    class of 2020

    Hello, I've looked around and am failing to see the exact dates of when we have to report in this summer. I notice that its traditionally near the end of June, but does anyone have or know specific dates for this summer? Thank you.
  19. U

    Future Kings Pointer

    I recently received my appointment here on my second stab at it. That being so, I have a year of university and ROTC under my belt. Being my second go around, I have found out the distinctions of the USMMA in that time, but I'm sure there are many more 'traditions' or other quirky things that...
  20. B

    Miscellaneous Questions

    1. What's Plebe Summer like? What do you do and how long is it? Worst/best part? 2. Marine Transportation vs Logistics and Intermodal Transportation? 3. Traditions during Plebe Year and beyond? 4. Differences between Naval Academy and Merchant Marine Academy? 5. How's the food and the barracks...