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  1. Mei_Mez07

    Class of 2029 Applicant: Extracurriculars

    Hello! I'm Mei and I really want to apply to go to the Naval Academy. I am currently a junior in high school. I want to study chemistry at the Naval Academy, and after serving my 9 years in the Navy I hope to go to medical school to be a doctor for the military (probably something with trauma...
  2. J

    Could you get a letter of recommendation from a math teacher that you had for a couple weeks in two separate years?

    For my junior year of highschool, I transferred out of AP Calculus BC because my first test grade was bad. For my senior year of highschool, I was in AP Calculus BC for a short time, but transferred to take a different AP class as my school limits the amount of APs you can take to 6. Would it be...
  3. J

    USNA Summer Seminar "Remarks" Section

    I am almost done with my submission for my Summer Seminar application for the Naval Academy. But there is one big thing left that is optional, and that is the "Remarks" section. It states, "REMARKS: Optional. Enter any additional comments here". I asked my counselor, and he said that it can...
  4. J

    Skipping Spring Sports Senior Year?

    I have recently been offered an appointment to USNA co ‘27, and I am wondering if I should abstain from playing lacrosse senior year of HS. I tore my ACL last Spring playing lacrosse, and am worried that it could happen again, which would cause me to lose my appointment. I’ve been going to...
  5. J

    Naval Academy vs Coast Guard Academy

    I am a high school senior, and have recently been accepted to USNA and USCGA for the Class of 2027. I am very excited about the prospect of attending one of these schools, but I cannot figure out which is best for me. Coast Guard seems to have a great familial atmosphere and exciting summer...
  6. V

    USAFA Equivalent to Sea Trials?

    I've been spending a lot of time looking at both the Air Force and Naval Academies over the past few years, and a new question popped up recently. Does the Air Force Academy have something equivalent to USNA's Sea Trials? Some sort of cumulative event at the end of freshman year? Thanks in advance!
  7. makushin

    Navy Cross Country Camp

    I just have a quick question; how many people typically attend these camps? Do most stay overnight?
  8. makushin

    Athletics' effect on admissions

    I'm currently a sophomore in high school, running XC and TF. I'm about 20 seconds away from a semi-competitive mile time for NCAA D1. I'm am also part of two honor societies, volunteer for the Salvation Army regularly, participate in a leadership position in the Sea Cadets, am two years ahead in...
  9. L

    Can I get into the Naval Academy if I have Visual Snow Syndrome?

    Please if someone knows let me know it’s very important to me.
  10. Z

    Question about USMA, USNA USAFA

    I'm currently a Sophomore and can I able to get into USMA, USNA USAFA with a weighted GPA of 3.64, unweighted 3.28? Also, I'm in junior varsity for wrestling and I'm going to do track next semester, also I have 110 hours of community hours, I'm in the minority. Lastly, I'm an officer in the news...
  11. L

    DODMERB Seizure Disqualification

    Hello, Around 2014, I was diagnosed with Absence seizures and was put on medication to prevent them. The medication worked, and I believe that my last seizure was in early 2016. I was taken off of the medication on March 4th 2018. I also had a negative EEG test. Ever since then, I have had no...
  12. M

    Eating Disorder, Depression, and DOR

    After reading countless threads and posts on this website and others I came across some good advice, but not the advice that I need exclusively. Some background on me: I went to the University of Wyoming this past year and studied Architectural Engineering, I decided that the civilian college...
  13. L

    Do I need recommendation letters from my 11th grade English, and math teachers.

    So I have been recently confused about who can write my recommendation letters. So my question is, do recommendation letters from 11th grade English and math teachers have more weight in the nomination/admission process. Also, am I able to get a letter of recommendation from any other teachers.
  14. C

    How close to th action are pilots?

    Hello! I'm trying to decide between USAFA and USNA (a good problem to have, but an incredibly difficult decision) and wanted to get some experienced input on how close to the action I would be as a pilot in the Navy. And, well, what are my chances of being selected for a pilot slot? I'm leaning...
  15. A

    LOA ---> Appointment

    Hello everybody! I just recently received an LOA to USNA. Everything is checked off on my portal, so I know my appointment is coming. I was just wondering if anybody could offer their timeline as to how long it took for you to receive your "official appointment" after all conditions of your LOA...
  16. C

    Dilemma: USNA or USAFA?

    Hello all! I have been accepted to USAFA for class of '25, and have not yet heard from Navy. However, I am trying to prepare myself for the possibility that I might have to make a very difficult decision in the next few weeks if I'm also accepted to USNA. I wanted to get some experienced...
  17. A

    How long for BFE arrival?

    I was just wondering if anybody has received their BFE from USNA yet; if so, how long did it take for it to arrive after you received an appointment?
  18. G

    For those who were admitted into the Service Academies or attended them can you share your GPA, CFA score, and Stats so that everyone else can have

    For those who were admitted into the Service Academies or attended them can you share your GPA, CFA score, and Stats so that everyone else can have an Idea of the average scores to point at, thank you in advance for your precious help! :D
  19. T

    How much sleep does an average USNA mid get?

    Pretty much as the title says. Also, does your sleep schedule change over the weekends or summer training?
  20. M

    Waiting for DoDMERB to reach USNA

    I am an active applicant to the United States Naval Academy. On November 27, 2020, I received from DoDMERB that I was determined as qualified medically for the Naval Academy. Today, the Naval Academy has not received my medical qualification and it is the only thing left out of my Naval Academy...