Feb 24, 2019
Hey guys, I've got a pretty good question, but it has a bit of a backstory.

I am a junior in high school who is applying to USAFA and I took the PSAT at the beginning of this year and got a 1220, 640 on math and 580 on english. I am going on a trip the day I will be taking the SAT on the 27th of this month, so I won't be taking it through the school and I need to wait until early May to take it the SAT. I am expecting a 1290-1340 on it.

With that, should I wait, take the SAT, and then send those scores in with my Pre-Candidate Application, or just send my application in now with my PSAT score?

I know that I can apply much later than May with the Pre-Candidate part, but I feel like that would make me look lazy. What do you guys think?
Take the SAT as frequent as you can. You can send scores repeatedly to USAFA throughout the application period. IMO, wait and take the actual SAT then send those scores. It's good to get a score in early, but I would not send your PSAT score. USAFA also superscores so again take the SAT as many times until you are satisfied with your combined score.
Wait for the SAT scores as that PSAT score wouldn’t be competitive.

I would wait because they don’t actually start sending out candidate packets until July, so you have plenty of time to increase your score. Practice on Khan Academy 30 minutes every day and take practice tests and you will see the improvement.